Five Things Making My Life Better this Month

by - October 21, 2020

Every month, I interview a local mom for my magazine with the goal of sharing her story and providing inspiration and insight for other parents. One of my go-to questions is about avoiding mom burnout, especially for working moms. Everyone has their own thing that they do to recharge and stay at their best, including me, but one of my life mottos is work smarter, not harder. If there is a way to simplify a task or make it more efficient, I am all about it.

I like to work efficiently and smoothly, and I really don't like wasting time. I hate menial tasks, regardless of whether they are vital, because they feel like they take up so much of my time that could be spent doing something more productive. Over the course of the pandemic I've come to realize just how much time I spend on those menial chores and have been working on ways to get more bang for my buck, so to speak.

My quest to make my life more efficient has really bled into all aspects of my day-to-day, and I've discovered a lot of new products, services, and routines that have made my life a little bit easier. Today, I'd like to share with you five things that have been making my life better this month (October 2020).

*This post contains affiliate links.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Sponge - I ordered this on a whim after seeing it on a list of things Amazon users swear by and was prepared to have wasted the whole $6 it costs, but lo and behold it actually works. It does not replace the need for periodic deep cleansing of your makeup brushes, but it does help keep stuff from gunking up. I use it to remove excess foundation, concealer, blush, and eye makeup. It's easy to wash and comes in a cute little storage tin.

No Slip No Show Socks - I'm the type of person who likes to wear socks with my tennis shoes, but my preferred style of sneakers is low cut which means most socks look stupid. These no slip no show socks were on that same Amazon list as the makeup remover sponge and had spectacular reviews, and they deserve all the stars. These socks are soft, don't awkwardly poke out the top of my sneakers, and STAY IN PLACE all day long.

Stainless Steel Hoops - I have extremely sensitive skin, which extends to my jewelry. I love matching my jewelry to my outfit, but the truth is most of the time I forget to change my earrings, and if they're cheap costume jewelry it almost always ends in an infection. These multi-sized stainless steel hoops have been a dream come true.

Waterless Dry Shampoo Foam - My hair is naturally wavy/curly, so I only wash it once or twice a week. In between washes, I use a variety of products to keep it looking nice, but by the third day it needs a little extra help. Dry shampoo aerosols and powders make me break out, it doesn't matter what brand it is, so I've always used baby powder but it's super heavy and makes my hair feel weird. I recently learned about this Waterless foam and haven't had any sensitivity issues.

Roomba - Remember how I talked about hating menial chores? Sweeping is definitely on that list. I loathe sweeping, but I also get anxiety when my floors are gross. I've been wanting a robot vacuum for years but couldn't afford it until this past Prime Day. Now, I'm the owner of my very own Roomba and I'm seriously wondering where this miracle worker has been all my life.

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