Monday Motivation + Confessions of a Former News Producer

by - November 09, 2020

Wow, what a week. Between all the stress surrounding the election and magazine distribution, I was beyond ready for the weekend. Of course, Alexis finally adjusted to the time change and was up bright and early on Saturday. I promised we would go somewhere so we masked up and headed to Target. We picked up a few new pieces of Christmas décor, and I let Alexis decorate one small area. I'm not quite ready to put away all my fall stuff just yet.

We didn't leave the house Sunday. It was kind of gross outside, overcast and windy. I got caught up on a few chores, read the book I'd been waiting on to come out (so, so good!), and stayed in pajamas all day.

I mostly avoided social media over the weekend. The political posts have been exhausting and quite frankly disgusting. I largely stay away from political conversations, not because I worry about other people not agreeing with me but because of my news background. You get tired of being called fake or, my personal favorite, the enemy of the people, and in some instances even being threatened. This is the news habit that will probably never die.

Speaking of news habits, I have a few confessions to share with you today.

-The fastest way to make me angry is to disrespect my time. Time is very important to me. When I set deadlines, I abide by them and expect others to respect them.

-I am extremely careful about what I post online about Alexis. I've seen way too many scary real-life stories involving children to put my own child at risk.

-I never take anything at face value. That doesn't mean I always dig deeper into everything, but I don't form an opinion on something without doing my own research to verify facts, and as a formally trained journalist I actually know how to get to the root of things.

-I'm a bit of a grammar nazi. I refuse to share something if there's a grammatical or spelling error, and whenever I read anything I'm editing it in my head.

-I'm curious about everything. I get sucked down rabbit holes really easily.

-I still love a good human interest story. I may not watch the news on a daily basis but I will watch/read a story about real people any day.

-I still can't watch the news, unless it's a breaking news type situation. I subconsciously pick everything apart, even three years after leaving the business.

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you have a great week.

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