Monday Motivation

by - November 16, 2020

November is flying by. I can't believe Thanksgiving and my birthday are next week.

Last week was weird thanks to the holiday. Because schools were closed on Wednesday, it was essentially like having two Mondays in one week. Despite that, I feel like I got a lot accomplished last week so that I can really focus on my December sales this week. It's been sluggish so far to say the least, which I was expecting but doesn't make it any better.

I think my shoulder is almost fully healed. I still haven't figured out what I did to injure it in the first place. I spent pretty much all of Monday working at my desk and had a knot near my right shoulder blade that night. Chris worked it out for me but then I woke up in the middle of the night in terrible pain. By the time Tuesday morning rolled around, I couldn't raise my right arm or turn my head to either side without almost crying. Chris worked on it pretty much every night - there were at least three knots. It's not 100% but I can move without wincing.

Alexis spent part of the weekend with Chris's parents. On Saturday I had a 'virtual date' with my best friend who lives in NYC. We used to celebrate our birthdays together (hers is on Tuesday) back in college and it's something I miss greatly. Chris and I ran a few errands, and then on Sunday we got caught up on chores and laundry and had dinner with Chris's parents.

There were way more people not wearing masks this weekend than I've been seeing, even just from last weekend. It was pretty disheartening, especially considering cases are on the rise here. Walmart was particularly uncomfortable.

I hope you all are keeping safe and healthy, and that you have a good week!

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