All I Want for Christmas: The 2020 Working Mom Gift Guide

by - November 19, 2020

working mom gift guide

It's hard to believe but the holiday season is here, and after a pretty dismal 2020 I feel like we all could use as much peace and joy as possible as we close out the year. Gift giving is absolutely my love language. Even though I'm a notorious last-minute shopper, I put a lot of thought into the gifts I give my loved ones. And I put a lot of thought into the only holiday gift guide I bring back year after year: The Working Mom Gift Guide.

This year's gifts are all about making mom feel good, whether she's heading into an office or working from home. I looked for things that would make brighten up her office, reduce stress, keep her cozy, and simplify daily tasks. All but one of the items on this year's list of ideas are things that I would be happy to find under the tree this year, and I hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift for the working mom in your life.

25 gifts for Working Moms all under $100

working mom gift guide

1. One Line a Day 5 Year Memory Book - This is such a unique concept for a journal. Each page has an entry for five consecutive years so you can revisit your previous thoughts.

2. Bad Girls Throughout History - Learn about 100 women who changed the world in this beautifully illustrated book that's perfect for a bookcase, nightstand, or coffee table.

3. Smart Notebook - This thing is seriously cool, and I will own one by the end of this year, even if I have to buy it for myself. You can upload handwritten notes to cloud services like Dropbox or iCloud via an app, and you can clear the whole thing out by microwaving it for just 15 seconds.

4. Library Books Pen Holder - Pretty and functional, this wooden pen holder is a definite upgrade from a coffee cup.

5. Desktop Organizer - It's like a little bookshelf for your desk! Comes in four finishes.

6. Pretty Printed Ergonomic Mouse Pad - Choose from 23 designs!

7. Heated Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager - Every desk chair should come equipped with one of these bad boys.

8. Essential Oils Diffuser - Mood lighting optional.

working mom gift guide

9. Crystal Bonsai Tree - This gem-encrusted Bonsai tree is supposed to bring the recipient good luck, wealth and prosperity. Plus, it's really pretty.

10. Succulent Garden Stand - A little low-maintenance greenery for mom's desk. These owls are too cute (succulents not included).

11. Comfy Throw - Everybody needs a desk blanket, and this faux fur throw is just the ticket.

12. Cozy Socks - These are perfect for a day at home but can also be worn with shoes. These in particular come in groups of five and you can choose from 10 colors/patterns.

13. Stylish Slippers - Keep mom's feet happy with these faux-fur lined memory foam slippers. Comes in nine colors.

14. Cozy PJs - Perfect for lounging.

15. Chunky Grandpa Sweater - It's like wearing a hug.

working mom gift guide

16. Bath Bombs - After the craziness of 2020, mom deserves a spa home, of course. These bath bombs are organic and all natural.

17. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer - I have not personally tried this hair tool (curly hair, remember?), but it is highly recommended by a lot of people I know.

18. Nail Dryer - I would probably paint my nails more if I owned one of these. It even has a handle for easy carrying.

19. Microdermabrasion & Pore Extraction Skin Resurfacing System - Help mom keep her skin in tip-top shape for all those video meetings.

20. Coffee Mug Warmer - This claims to warm up that forgotten cup of cold coffee in two minutes or less.

21. Electric Ice Cream Maker - Make staying home a little bit sweeter. Don't forget the sprinkles!

22. Pantry Essentials - Give mom's kitchen essentials a fancy upgrade with this all-inclusive set. (Hint: I really want this)

23. Family Wall Art - 2020 has definitely been the year of the family, seeing as we've all been stuck in the house together for months. Commemorate it with something pretty for your wall!

24. Storage Baskets - A pretty way to keep blankets, pillows, etc. organized.

25. Pretty Picture Frame - Add in a favorite photo and you can't go wrong.

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