Outfits with Jackets That Aren't Denim

by - November 05, 2020

Denim jackets are a staple in my closet. It's the final layer you'll see most often in my outfits for several reasons. 1) They're the easiest jacket to wear all day long without feeling like you're boiling. That's important when you live in a place that doesn't believe in having four separate seasons. 2) They're so easy to style, especially in transitional weather like spring and fall, or as we like to call them in the South: early and late summer.

That said...
a denim jacket is not the end-all be-all jacket in my closet.

I do like a bit of variety, after all. These days I'm partial to leather, but I also have suede, silk, and even tweed. And since I feel like everyone could use a break from everything that's going on right now, I rounded up some past outfits to give you some ideas of how to style a jacket that's not denim this fall (and maybe winter, depending on where you live).

Let's start with the newest addition to my closet: my Topshop Fred faux leather biker jacket

topshop leather jacket black jeans combat boots topshop leather jacket over plaid dress

I got this during the NSale earlier this year for under $50. It's gone back to regular price now but is still under $100, and honestly I would pay full price for this one. The only thing I don't like is that not all of the zippered pockets are functional, specifically the ones I would actually use to hold my phone, keys, etc. Otherwise, this jacket is great quality and pretty warm considering it's not lined. It hasn't been cold enough to wear it much so far this year, but I'll definitely be repeating the two outfits above.

If you're looking for something that's a little less edgy and a little more streamlined, I suggest a collarless leather jacket.

collarless leather jacket with velvet shirt collarless leather jacket with leggings

I've had this one for a few years and wear it a lot. It feels more business casual appropriate than the Topshop jacket since it's more sleek and doesn't boast a lot of hardware. I tend to reach for this jacket when I want a professional vibe that still shows my personality. Like I said, this jacket is from JCP a few years ago and they didn't bring the style back, but I'm linking to some similar ones below.


Who said your leather had to be black or brown? I love my white leather jacket just as much as my black ones. It provides the same amount of warmth but has the added bonus of making my chosen outfit seem a little lighter.

white leather jacket over dress white leather jacket with jeans

A bright white jacket definitely doesn't scream fall or winter, so it may seem counter-intuitive to use it as your finishing piece. In this situation, I like to think of the jacket as my focal point. It certainly draws the eye first in both outfits above. The trick to keeping is on-season is to let it be the only bright part of your outfit. Unless you're going for a full-on winter white look (which is now something I'm thinking about trying). My jacket is a cropped biker jacket from ShoeDazzle, but they don't have it in stock anymore. This one is really similar and under $100. It comes in other colors, too.

Do you have a textured jacket in your closet? Suede is a great option!

I've mostly avoided suede jackets because they just didn't seem practical, especially since our winters tend to be wet. But now that I have one, I can't deny there's a spot for them in my closet. Suede is a softer finishing touch than leather. It still adds interest but without being quite so edgy. It feels a little more feminine.

My jacket is from ShoeDazzle last year, and once again unavailable. It's really light-weight, not lined at all, which makes it perfect for layering over a thin sweater. It's a little more drape-y than most styles you see out there, which I like. I also really like this option from Lulus.

This next jacket is the best of both worlds. The body is a black tweed material and the sleeves are a faux leather.

tweed mixed media jacket over dress tweed mixed media jacket with jeans

This is one of my most-worn jackets of all time, especially when I still worked in an office setting. The fitted style and tweed material give this jacket structure while the faux leather accents give it personality. It truly is the perfect blend of classic and edgy. Check out this similar style here.

And just for fun...

floral bomber jacket pink leather jacket

A fun, floral-printed bomber jacket is an unexpected finishing touch. It's kind of like grabbing a windbreaker in the 90s but with way more style. Mine is several years old, so I linked you to a bunch of fun options.

And remember when I questioned all black or brown leather jackets? Well, this hot pink leather jacket spoke to me. I love the oversized biker fit and the brightness it adds to any outfit. I got mine on clearance last year so it's no longer available, but check out all these pretty options.

One final note on choosing the best jacket this season... Don't forget to let your own personal style shine through. I wouldn't be me if I didn't let my personality speak through my clothing choices.

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