Tips for Transitioning Your OOTD from Winter to Spring

by - February 13, 2021

Here in the South, we've been experiencing what's commonly referred to as "Fake Spring." It's usually a week in mid-February to early-March where our temps climb into the mid-70s, the humidity makes an appearance, and we get lulled into a false sense of "winter is over!"

Of course, this weekend is crushing that fleeting feeling of Spring as a seriously cold front moves through. In fact, as I write this I'm wearing a thick sweater and have my space heater running.

But, this past week of mild weather has awoken the Spring fashion bug in me, and I haven't been able to resist reaching for lighter fabrics and brighter colors, served up with a heavy dose of layering. My outfit choices from last week are good examples of how to use layers to create those winter-spring in-between looks we're all craving right now.

Let's start with this polka dot jumpsuit that's been burning a hole in my closet. I got it off a clearance rack at Old Navy for $7 and have been waiting on the right time to wear it. The day I finally broke it out, Tuesday, wasn't all that special of a day, but after several days in a row of not really feeling my outfit choices, I decided to "go big or go home" as the saying goes. (Yes, I know that I work at home. Just go with it!)

Jumpsuit (out of stock): Old Navy (similar style) / Jacket: Walmart (exact) / Shoes: Amazon (exact)

I had every intention of wearing my white leather jacket, but I forgot it was hanging in my closet and not my office, and I didn't want to wake my husband up to retrieve it. My white jean jacket, which is typically always in my office, was a decent substitute, although I would have preferred the shorter crop of the leather jacket.

Anyway, I'm not much of a print mixer, but when I do give it a go, I always gravitate to leopard. It's basically a neutral at this point, right? I added my skinny leopard belt to make my waist a little more accentuated than it normally is.

I ended up losing the belt and swapping my sneakers for my pink Chucks for the rest of the day, which out of these two is the look most people preferred.

Jumpsuit (out of stock): Old Navy (similar style) / Jacket: Walmart (exact) / Shoes: Converse (exact)

The next two days I spent mostly out of the house as I distributed magazines. Wednesday was overcast, drizzly, and humid. It wasn't really warm, but it wasn't cold either. I wanted something that felt professional without being dressy and that straddled the line between winter and spring.

This lace-trimmed floral print tank was a perfect match for this pair of green pants. The colors are just dark enough to belong in winter but the top feels distinctly spring to me.

Top: Amazon (exact) / Jacket: Lulu's (exact) / Pants: StitchFix / Boots: Target (exact)

My suede taupe moto jacket is the best neutral finishing piece in my closet. Note: on the website it's listed as grey but mine is distinctly taupe.

I tried a couple pairs of booties before landing on my trusty lace-up taupe booties from Target. Man, these ones are so good. They give an almost vintage vibe to any outfit, which I love. Plus, they're so comfortable. Also, they're on sale for under $20 right now and available in all sizes!

Thursday was another wet and gloomy day. In fact, I got rained on pretty much the entire time I was distributing, which is why my hair is a big ball of frizz in these pictures. It was a little cooler than Wednesday so I decided on a dress layered over tights and under a jacket.


The darker floral pattern of this dress makes it perfect for the cooler seasons, but we all know I've never met a floral pattern I wouldn't wear year-round.

To be honest, I wasn't 100% happy with my choice of tights. This particular pair is thicker so they kept the wind out nicely, but I felt like the pattern took away from the dress a little bit.

I wanted to keep things from feeling too feminine, so I went with my moto boots over plain black booties, and then grabbed my pink leather jacket to make the pink in the dress's pattern really pop. I got a lot of interesting looks this day, to be sure.

Dress (old): Target (similar) / Boots: Shoe Carnival (exact) / Jacket (old): ShoeDazzle (similar)

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