Real Outfit Roundup: Working Mom Summer

by - July 18, 2021

It feels like I just put one of these posts together, but in reality it's been a couple of weeks. I keep trying to get better about keeping up with these roundups, but I've been pulled in a lot of different directions lately, especially this past week. Which is why you're only getting six outfits plus another set of workout clothes.

One thing you'll notice about this roundup is that every outfit is fairly simple. They've got to be to survive in our current humidity situation. It's like trying to walk through a wet blanket every time you go outside.

Anyway, let's get on with it, yeah?

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and typically wear size 6 or medium in clothing and size 7 in shoes.

Dress (similar) / Shoes

This is one of my most-worn dresses, and I wish it was still available. I bought it on a whim and have more than got my money's worth. Anyway, I spent a good bit of this day out of the office and house, finishing up my July magazine distribution. That explains the sneakers, although I really love to dress this dress down. It feels very me.


This is one of my newer sets of yoga clothes, so I wanted to share it. The sports bra is reversible so you can wear it as this solid blue or with a pattern that matches that of the shorts.


This is what I wore after my morning yoga session. I had a full day in the office judging by my planner for this day. I'm really pleased with how this outfit turned out. The subtle beach print on the t-shirt blended so nicely with the deep rust of the skirt. This shirt is pretty boxy, so a front tuck doesn't work, but the skirt is high enough for a full tuck.


I wore this on Monday. I wanted something that was easy to move around in but also looked effortlessly put together since I had to do pick-up and drop-off for Alexis's last camp of the summer. This is one of my best Amazon purchases. I wear it all the time, although I don't always take a picture.

Shirt / Jeans (similar) / Shoes (similar)

This was a particularly busy Tuesday, so you're probably wondering why I'm so dressed, especially in a pair of jeans. I had a meeting with a potential client and wanted to make a good impression. So my dark-wash non-distressed boyfriend jeans and this flattering green puff-sleeve blouse and neutral wedges was dressed up enough to be professional but not so overdressed to feel like I was trying too hard. Unfortunately, my shirt is only available in limited sizes in two other colors online, but you can always check your local Target to see if they've got any still in stock.

Shirt (same style) / Skirt (similar) / Shoes

This outfit did not turn out the way I imagined. There wasn't enough definition between where the shirt ended and the skirt began, and I just couldn't figure out how to fix that. Otherwise, I liked the potential of all the elements. Maybe if the skirt was structured differently it would have worked better.

Just a note, they still have this style of tee but they've updated the designs.

Shirt (similar) / Shorts (similar) / Shoes

I'll be honest. Not a lot of thought or effort went into this outfit. In fact, it's a recycled version from an outfit I wore at the end of last summer. These are probably my favorite pair of shorts. They're by Universal Thread at Target, and although this particular pair wasn't revived this year they do have a lot of good options.

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