Real Outfit Roundup

by - January 06, 2022

It's been three weeks exactly since my last outfit roundup, and boy were those three weeks busy! Between getting things for the January magazine done and all the extra holiday activities, we had quite a bit going on in December.

For those of you who are new around here, every two weeks or so I do a post sharing all the outfits I wore in real life (that I remembered to take a picture of anyway), a little bit about my thought process behind the outfits, what I did while wearing them, and links to shop the same or similar items.

Last month I added a new feature to the blog to let you shop these outfits sooner, which means less chance of newer items being sold out. All you have to do is click on the Shop My Insta tab at the top of the page.

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and weigh around 150 lbs. I wear size 6 or S/M in most clothing and size 7 in shoes.

Dress (similar) / Jacket / Boots

Let's start with one of the smartest purchases I've ever made. I've had this leopard print maxi dress for a couple years now, and I wear it all the time. It's a classic print in a classic cut so it will never go out of style. Here, I paired it with my new Chelsea boots and grabbed my leather jacket as a finishing layer.

Sweater (similar) / Skirt / Boots

I think I own this skirt in at least four patterns. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but this is a neutral leopard print. I paired it with a plain black sweater and my black Chelsea boots. I don't actually know what I did this day outside of work. I don't have anything written down and my Instagram post for the day was about the cat, ha! But seriously, I love these skirts.

Dress (similar) / Tights / Boots (similar)

I wore this eclectic collection to a local production of Elf the Musical, which was so much fun. I've had this dress for awhile. It's one of Old Navy's swing dresses that they always carry. The pattern makes me think of Christmas, so I really only wear it around the holidays. My tights are so much fun, too! And my ankle boots are suede with an exposed back zipper for some extra flair.

Sweater / Jeans / Boots

The Sunday before Christmas, Alexis and I rode to Tallahassee for a little last-minute shopping with my parents. It was decently chilly, kind of gloomy and windy. I think this was the first time I wore my brown Chelsea boots. They're surprisingly not bad for lots of walking. And this sweater has quickly become a favorite.

Sweater (similar) / Pants (similar) / Boots

The Monday before Christmas, I had a decent-sized to-do list for the magazine, but I also spent some time wrapping presents. These are my favorite Stevie pants from Old Navy, which it sadly looks like they're not bringing back. My sweater is a few years old from JCPenney. It's got a pretty subtle sparkle woven throughout and a cool braided pattern on the hips. My trusty black Chelsea boots rounded everything out.

Sweater (similar) / Pants (similar) / Boots

This was the Tuesday before Christmas. my planner doesn't have much written in it, but judging by my Instagram post that day, I was working on some paid blog posts. These pants are from a StitchFix box several years ago, but I still love them. And my sweater is from 2019.

Dress / Boots

We spent Christmas Eve with my in-laws, and somehow we managed to color coordinate our outfits. It wasn't an accident, but it wasn't exactly planned either. My dress is old but still available. The bodice is a little tight, with no stretch to the fabric at all, so if you're well endowed you should probably consider that.

Shirt / Jeans / Shoes

I'm not going to lie. The only reason I got dressed at all this day was to go to my hair appointment. Then, we spent time in the cul-de-sac so Alexis could get some more bike riding in. I really can't find anything like this button-up t-shirt at all, so no link for that. It's pretty old and one of the most versatile shirts I own.

Shirt / Jeans / Shoes (similar)

I'm not actually sure why I put so much effort into this outfit. We spent most of this day tidying up the house, with a majority of that time dedicated to Alexis's room. Maybe we went to Lowe's at some point? I really don't remember. I'm actually pretty surprised that this shirt is still available in all sizes. It's marked down to under $20, too!

Shirt (similar) / Jeans / Shoes

December 30th was one of the warmest December days I can remember. Honestly, I could have worn shorts and been fine, but even thinking about wearing shorts in December felt weird. Anyway, we spent a decent amount of time outside taking advantage of the gorgeous weather, specifically riding bicycles.


Can you believe this is the only picture I took on New Year's Day? I actually halfway dressed up for it, too. The dress I'm wearing, which I am aware is hidden by the apron, is so cute. The material is super wrinkly, though, which is gonna make laundry day a pain. It's really thin, has a tiered skirt and ruffled sleeves. There is a button-hook closure on the back of the neck. I paired it with plain black flats and some really cool celestial earrings, which sadly you can't see in the picture. I'm still going to link them though because they are really awesome.


I think I went outside once this entire day. It was cold. But it was the perfect excuse to give this loungewear set I got for Christmas a spin. The sweatshirt is slightly cropped but, on me at least, the pants are long enough that there's really no gap to let in the cold. This set comes in a bunch of colors. I'm wearing the medium.

Sweater (similar) / Jeans (similar) / Boots

This was at the end of January distribution day #1 followed by an afternoon of gymnastics. If you look closely, you'll see the dark circles under my eyes... Anyway, this day was still very cold, so I pulled out this tunic-length sweater I've had for several years. I actually don't remember the last time it was cold enough for me to wear it. My jeans are old from Aeropostale, but they're a stretchy, relaxed skinny leg. I cuffed them and then arranged them over the top of the boot shaft.


Last but not least, another distribution outfit featuring my brown Chelsea boots paired with this favorite sweater dress/tunic from a couple years ago. It's fairly thin, which makes it perfect for our milder winter weather. It was still pretty cool this day so I layered it over the leggings I shared with y'all last month. These are holding up pretty well for the price. They're still nice and soft, but I have a feeling the waist is isn't going to withstand multiple washes.

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