An Honest Review of Chippin Dog Treats

by - January 02, 2022


If you're a pet parent, then you know how important it is to find good things for them to eat. Especially when they're getting older.

Jackson was my first 'child.' We got him about six months after we got married. So he's about 9 years old, which isn't elderly by any means, but there are some signs of aging starting to pop up. His teeth are the most noticeable, and we've had to adjust what we feed him.

So when I got the chance to try Chippin Dog Treats, I clicked the sign up button so fast there might have been smoke coming out of my mouse.

Chippin is a woman-owned, sustainable pet nutrition company that's dedicated to reducing the carbon "pawprint." That's a mission I can get behind.

Their products use 80 percent less resources than other similar products. Their proteins are hypoallergenic and scientifically proven to be more digestible than chicken.


We received four flavors of treats and a small packet of dog food to try, along with the cutest little tin to store the treats in. Each bag of treats holds around 30 pieces, so they'll last quite awhile.

The amount of dog food we received was about half of what Jackson eats on a typical day. He's a big dog, and only eats once a day. He devoured it all though. I like that it's all-natural and didn't smell horrible like a lot of dog foods do. It's made with carp instead of chicken, but Jackson didn't seem to mind, and he had no digestive issues after eating it.

As for the treats, he's been getting one of each that we received each day since we got them. It's hard for me to say which is his favorite, but he was a little skeptical of the jerky at first. He came around pretty fast, though!

The Vegan Spirulina Dailies Treats seem to be the consistent favorite. These are made with kale, carrots, and spirulina, which works to support bone and joint health. These are also a probiotic, which is an added bonus.

He's definitely a fan of the Smokeouse BBQ Treats. These contain cricket, pumpkin and carrot. They are hypoallergenic, rich in Omega-3, and a prebiotic.

I'm a fan of the Antioxidant Treats, which are made with cricket, blueberry and banana. These are anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic, Omega-3 rich, and boost immunity, something my aging pup definitely needs!

And last but not least, the Cricket Jerky. There are two flavors to choose between, but we received the sweet potato and carrot one. After an initial spit out to examine it, Jackson decided he really liked these ones, too. These ones support gut health, and are marketed as a training treat. Jackson's far past the training stage, so I can't speak to that aspect.

These treats are the perfect size for Jackson. He's starting to have some issues with his teeth, so I don't have to worry that these will be too much for him to handle. If you have an even bigger dog, they might be a little on the small size, but you can just give them two instead!

Judging by how excited Jackson gets when he sees the treat tin, and how quickly he gets in position to receive them, I'd say these treats are a definite win for my first furbaby.

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