Valentine's Outfit Idea

by - January 27, 2022

Originally, I had planned on sharing at least three outfit ideas for Valentine's Day with you guys, but Covid has honestly still got me all messed up, even though we're all better. I'm still playing catch-up and just did not have time to style three separate outfits, and this shirt and skirt are the only things I'd managed to buy before getting sick that are remotely Valentinesy.

And, as I've said before, we really don't celebrate Valentine's Day in our house. Nor do I own or wear a lot of bright red or heart-patterned clothing. But if we did have plans for Valentine's Day, this would be close to what I would wear.


This Queen of Hearts graphic t-shirt is so much fun. If you can't tell from the photos, the queen is wearing sunglasses, which was honestly the selling point for me. I didn't order this shirt with the sole intention of it being for Valentine's Day, but is there a better holiday suited to the Queen of Hearts? I think not.

I didn't want a super sweet lovey-dovey outfit, so I used this opportunity to wear my new faux leather skirt. It's high-waisted, has belt loops if you feel so inclined to wear a belt, has built in mesh shorts for some modesty, and a side closure zipper.

Then I paired them with my new favorite garter patterned tights and combat boots, and topped it all off with my old bright red cardigan. I don't wear it much, but it was the perfect finishing touch for this Valentine-inspired outfit.


Outfit Details
Shirt: Amazon - wearing M
Cardigan: Similar
Skirt: Amazon - wearing M
Tights: Amazon
Boots: Similar

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