Weekly Wisdom + First Week of School Recap

by - August 06, 2023

The first week of school is in the books! For me, at least, it was a good one. Quite different from last year, though I can't pinpoint exactly why it feels that way. It could be as simple as it's not my first year anymore and I'm more comfortable. In fact, I'm sure that plays a big role, but ultimately I think it's an oversimplification, especially when you take into consideration some of the changes being implemented this year (and I'm not talking about curriculum!).

So just a quick recap of how the week went:

-Alexis didn't want me to walk her in on the first day. She's in third grade now so this day was coming. She ended up being disappointed about her decision, though, when all her friends had their parents with them.
-I assigned a quick personal narrative essay for my students to gauge their individual abilities and was pleasantly surprised when all three classes took it seriously! Some of them even wrote more than I asked for!
-On day three, one of my new students told me I was her favorite teacher and called me cool.
-Day four, at least ten of my former students stopped to give me hugs, including my toughest student from last year!

Week one for me was only four days. I had to take Friday off so I could take part one of the content test for my certification. I took the second part on Saturday. I won't have my results until the end of the month, but I feel pretty good about it.

Now, I've got to get caught up on the laundry I've been ignoring and get all this homework for my non-traditional teacher certification course done - by the end of the week! I'm going to get to it.

Y'all enjoy what's left of your weekend and have a wonderful week!

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