Life of Me: Options

by - July 13, 2011

Nearly two years ago I accepted a temporary job working as the overnight producer for a local television station. I'd be lying if I said I expected to turn that temporary position into a career, but since then I've signed a contract and morphed into a pretty decent producer, if I do say so myself.

Here lately, though, I've found myself wondering if my decision was the right one.

I enjoy what I do, but there are more days than I'd like to count where I find myself thinking, "I don't like my job today."

There are several reasons behind that thought. A lot of it has to do with the stress level of the station's day to day. Most days I feel pulled in about 10 different directions. I always manage to get everything pulled off for a good (or mostly good) show, but the mental stress is a lot to bear.

There are days when I hate my job.

And then there are days when everything just seems to fall into place and run so smoothly... but those days seem to be fewer and farther between as of late.

 Sometimes I feel as if I gave up too easily in my job search. After all, this isn't what I wanted to do, but sometimes just having a job is better than not. And I was fortunate to find a job in a field related to my degree.

While I enjoy what I do, I can't honestly say that I'm happy doing it, at least not right now.

Maybe it's the money, or lack thereof. Maybe it's my lack of social life; being a social butterfly costs money I don't make. Maybe it's having to choose between gas for my car and groceries.

Whatever it is, I'm leaving my options open. Who knows when a fork in the road will lead me to an opportunity to move back in the direction I've missed?

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  1. The law of diminishing return applies here, Ashton. You achieve a euphoric high the first time you pull off the perfect newscast. Eventually you expect all of them to be perfect and when they're not you become impatient, frustrated and discouraged. You could chase that high forever and never experience it again. It takes a special breed of person to handle the stress of news producing. People like that seem to thrive on chaos because it gives them an adrenaline rush. I'm going to come right out and tell you that although I was good at producing I wasn't really cut out for it. I often hated it and it took a toll on me. I started searching for a different gig and jumped at the chance to become a production manager and start making rock videos, promos and commercials. You have stated in the past that you prefer to stay in your hometown. There's nothing wrong with that as long as you remember that it limits your options and probably your income potential.

  2. To be perfectly honest, the earnings potential where I'm currently at isn't that great... and there are plenty of opportunities in other areas I'm qualified to work in that would pay much more. But money isn't a huge issue.