A Tribute to My Best Friends

by - July 21, 2011

I miss my best friends.

While it's weird to say we're all grown up (although I guess we are), we have all gone in different directions since school. We're all far away from each other, far enough away that a one-day reunion is out of the question... but I definitely wouldn't mind a week-long trip to Hawaii.

We spent nearly every day together for four years, sometimes doing nothing at all but silence was never awkward between us. I think the hardest adjustment to adult life I've faced is the fact that I can't just walk down the hall or across the street and just hang out with one of my best friends, and I'll admit that it's an ongoing battle.

We have so many memories, so many inside jokes, and anytime we do manage to get back together it's like we were never apart.

I can still remember the first college party I went to with two of my three best friends. We didn't even make it into the party because we got locked out of the car, so all the guys we'd just met left the party and tried to break into our car. We never told any of them that the car had an anti-theft device that didn't let you unlock it from the outside without a key...

There were all those spontaneous, secret road trips to south Florida. I especially remember the one where that gas station bathroom attacked me. And speaking of bathrooms, how 'bout the one in Burger King that all the toilets flushed when I opened the door... followed closely by an arm spasm that scared everyone in the restaurant.

Remember that trip to Olive Garden? The one where the knife got thrown and hit that lady's chair? And then the same lady was in the bathroom when the paper towels got thrown? Oh, arm spasms. I miss them.

There was the time we watched the Ring 2, you know the one with all the random deer... and then while we were driving in the middle of town one jumped in front of my car and just stopped.

I know everyone remembers the three-month old hunch punch incident. He never should have mixed it with that vodka... somersaults, on the House of Many floor. And if my memory serves me correctly, that was the 'magically delicious' night as well.

I know everybody says they have the best friends in the world, but I really do. The bond that we share was forged on a night, weekend really, from Hell. Since then we've gone through break-ups and blow ups, but we've always had each others' backs... even when we weren't speaking to each others' faces.

I love you guys, and I still fully intend to buy a giant RV (when we're old and retired) and tour the country one day. And when we can't do that anymore, we'll be the old ladies in the nursing homes having rolling chair races in the hallway. After all, we've already done it... I've got pictures to prove it.

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  1. I love this.. and you :)

    I miss my arm spasms too.. sadly medication has finally controlled them.. they were always fun, and completely unexpected.

    I remember every single thing you mentioned in here. I miss my friends a lot too. I want us to all see each other soon.. being a grown up isn't all it's cracked up to be.. I don't know I was so eager to rush into the "real world".

    RV trip is settled! :)

  2. After the craptastic day I have had this just made it all better. I miss you guys so much. Hawaii wouldn't be such a sh**hole if I had you guys. (And Bella and Anya) I was just thinking today that life hasn't been easy and there have been really bad times and lotsa drama but at least I had you all there to support me and everything always worked out in the end. Its hard to have that faith now without that immediate support system. I miss you and love you and can't wait to come home...trust me coming here ain't worth your money!

  3. There are so many days when I wish that we all lived in the same place again! We had so many good times. I had forgotten all about that first party until I read this. I love you guys!