Life of Me: Pettiness

by - July 19, 2011

So on Sunday a pedestrian got dragged by a car... she was purposefully hit by some guy in a fit of road rage.

We didn't report it until 6:00 Monday.

No one was admonished for it not being in one of Sunday's shows, and I have to admit that stung a little.

I'm sure it came across the scanner. The situation is almost identical to the one I was in last week, right down to the gist of the story.

And yet, I'm the only person treated in that matter.

Not that I want anyone else to be treated that way.


I know I'm being petty in holding on to it, but I just can't help it.

Right is right, and nothing about this situation is right.

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  1. Rest assured that every injustice you describe is one that I also endured as a producer. Every office (including Dunder Mifflin) has its politics. Bosses have their favorites and treat them accordingly. There are also people who get a pass because they were hired to meet a quota, for p.r. purposes, or because somebody called in a favor. Truth be told I got my first job as a newscaster and field reporter because my mom went out socially with the station's general manager and danced with him every weekend. (Dirty dancing?) It wasn't fair. Life isn't fair. It's not easy to put these inequities out of your mind but it's best for your mental health and job performance. You can't allow them to consume you.

  2. It's normal for you to feel bad. It's not petty at all. I used to have a boss like that. Well actually, she wasn't exactly THE boss but she was my immediate superior. I was treated the same way. I reached the point where I felt heavy and feverish every time I had to go to work. And I can't believe I lasted 2 years being under that biotch.