Unpopular Opinion: Casey Anthony

by - July 18, 2011

I am so sick of hearing about Casey Anthony. The trial is over and she's been released into a life of obscurity and possible danger - get over it already.

The whole ordeal has been like a soap opera from the very beginning, what with people risking death by trampling just to get a seat inside the courtroom. Don't forget the fight outside the doors that led to the implementation of strict seating rules.

And what about the guy who was arrested for giving the middle finger to the defense attorney? Did he think no one would see him? I mean, c'mon! The place was crawling with cameras.

Then there's been the animosity shown towards members of the jury. One restaurant in the Florida panhandle is refusing to serve them, which is in my opinion ridiculous.

As someone who (albeit unwillingly) followed the case, I can't say that I'm angry with the jury. The prosecution did not present them with an air-tight case. A person can not be proven guilty if there's any type of reasonable doubt, and there was plenty of reasonable doubt in this case.
So if people are going to be angry with anyone, it should be with the prosecution. They spent more than 2 years preparing the case.

Do I believe Casey Anthony is guilty? I do, but I'm not willing to stake my life on the fact that she premeditatively murdered her daughter.
Here's what I think. I think people need to stop focusing on this woman and start focusing on some of the million or so other children in this country who are being abused and neglected every day. If we put half as much effort into helping them as we've put into this one case, maybe we'd save some of them.
So let Casey Anthony go into hiding and finish out her life with the knowledge that she did her child the greatest injustice of all. She has to live with it. She can't outrun it. Her life will never be the same.

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  1. Unlike some news outlets your post is fair and balanced, Ashton. I'm sure you know why this case drew so much national attention. The accused was a hot young white tot mom from suburban Orlando. The victim was a pretty little white girl. Would America care at all if the mom and daughter were black and lived in a blighted neighborhood in Detroit?

    People have short memories and they love to turn villains into celebs. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Casey Anthony turned up next season on Celebrity Apprentice.

  2. "People have short memories and they love to turn villains into celebs."

    That they do. Look at Bonnie and Clyde, the mob, that guy Johnny Depp played not too long ago. All of those people are bad, but they get made to look classy and become infamous.

  3. Is your intention to write the blog only from an impersonal, newsworthy stance or is it to be written as from a personal opinion? Not at all criticizing, just waiting for something personal, but I seem to be only reading a newspaper article. Just curious and trying to get to know YOU, since it's possible you might be family one day...

  4. It's both really. I write it in the style I work with on a daily basis, but I do try to get my opinion across. (usually it's towards the bottom of the post)

    Most of my posts are news related, I guess because I'm surrounded by it the majority of the day... but I do have a series I call Life of Me that's personal. The two previous posts I wrote were definitely personal.

    Also, my Behind the Scenes series is a way for me to share funny things that happen while the show's on the air. I haven't had too many opportunities for that one lately though.