Training Part 3

by - January 18, 2012

I've been back on overnights this week with work, training another producer for the morning show.

Since I moved to the 6:00 and 10:00, we've gone through two morning show producers, but I'm pretty confident this one will at least work through her contract. She seems to want to be here and is catching on so quickly.

She's the first person I've trained who hasn't been terrified of the control room, which to me is the easiest part of the day. And she wanted to jump right into things after watching and talking to me for only one day.

Of course she's got to get a pattern established and work on her timing as far as getting things done on time, but that's an issue with all new producers.

Tomorrow I'm going to have her do pretty much everything on her own. I'll be reading behind her of course to make sure she's on the right track. My goal is to have her independent on Friday and me back on my normal schedule next week.

Wish us both luck.

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  1. Your body clock must be going crazy by now, Ashton. I'm glad your new producer is enthusiastic, fearless and a quick learner. There's no better feeling than sitting in the control room knowing that you're prepared and that you've got an excellent show to present.

  2. she sounds awesome...make her move to the 5pm position pleeeaseee lol

  3. @Shady: This shift is exhausting when you're used to it, even more so when you're not. I miss my shows!

    @Lideyuh: She could definitely do it!