Useless Is As Useless Does

by - January 21, 2012

Apparently my degree is the #1 most useless degree to achieve, according to Newsweek's The Beast.

Click HERE to see what other degrees made their top 20 list. Most of them are degrees in agriculture or the arts.

Yahoo published a list of their own, albeit much shorter. Only 5 degrees made their list, the top spot going to agriculture. Journalism didn't make this list. I guess the writer had the presence of mind to realize that including it would completely invalidate his work.

I think what makes me the angriest about these lists is the fact that they seem to be based on salary, not their actual usefulness to the world.

Well, my job may be useless, but I enjoy doing it.

And here's a thought to end on.

If journalism were so useless, there would be no one to report on pressing issues such as these.

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  1. Well, they seem to want to do away with art, literature, music, communications... just because jobs might be harder to find and not pay as well. Those disciplines are all important to the world and there are other ways to measure $ucce$$.

    1. I agree. I think this person(s) needs to re-evaluate their definition of the word 'useless'.