Behind the Scenes: Inappropriate Comments

by - January 27, 2012

Last night at 6:00, we ended the show with a story about a dozen 6-month-old giant pandas getting to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with a party of their own.

The purpose of their party was for the pandas to show off the skills they've learned at a giant panda breeding facility in China.

As soon as the female anchor said, "Some played with balls...", our meteorologist burst out laughing, even though the video was of a panda playing with a beach ball.

So they finished the script and the meteorologist says, "I was a little worried when you said they were going to show off skills they'd learned at a breeding facility."

And that's when our male anchor says, "We don't have video of that."

At which point the meteorologist replies, "You can order it!"

And with that my friends, we ended the show.

Happy Friday.

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  1. Comments like those are uttered every day of the year at one station or another. We have one station in this market that seems to specialize in off color remarks. Other stations in the same market are extremely professional and refuse to go there. I believe that viewers who get off on that kind of stuff will remain loyal to stations where it is tolerated and viewers who are offended or simply don't find it amusing watch the more straight laced newscasts.

    I think I told you more than a year ago about our gay sports anchor who opened every one of his nightly segments with the words "Good evening ball watchers!" Absolutely true story! We pulled high ratings because people gathered around TV sets in bars just to hear him say it and scream with laughter.

    1. This particular meteorologist is unpredictable, and I'm glad I don't work with him on a regular basis. You never know what he's going to say and he loves to 'correct' stories from the show in his weather segments. Drives producers crazy.

  2. you're lucky. Saturday mornings are the worst with him. An ENTIRE hour. ugh.