Behind the Scenes: Case of the Creeps

by - February 14, 2012

I've gotten my fair share of unwanted phone calls at the station. From the creepy to the rude to the downright weird, I've pretty much handled any type of phone situation you can think of ... but never have I ever been as creeped out as I was last night.

The phone rings. I answer it and immediately get asked, "Who'm I talking to?"

Since I'm not an on-air personality, I'm not required to tell anyone my name, so I give my standard "This is the producer, can I help you" spiel.

"So this is Ashton?"

My heart immediately starts pumping faster and my thoughts are racing to find explanations as to how this person would know my name. Granted, my name can be found on our website but even I'm not sure where to click to get to it. At any rate, since I'm not on air, no one should know who I am.

"Yes, sir. Can I help you?" I repeated myself in the hopes that he had some random question about a story we reported earlier or that he wanted to tell us about some event he wanted us to cover, but that was certainly not the case.

"This is Chris. I just wanted to know who was working tonight."

By this point I'm nearing a panic attack...

"Did you have a question tonight, sir? Or would you like to tell us about a story?"

"No, I just wanted to know who was at the station."

That's when I named off every single person in the building.

This is the first time anything like that has happened. I've been asked out, asked what I was wearing, called ugly names and had numerous stories told to me, but never have I had someone just want to know who was at the station.

Needless to say I reported it and the station is now on high alert.

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  1. I would also get an uneasy feeling about a call like that, Ashton. I can't think of any legitimate reason why somebody would need to know who's on duty as the station unless it's the general manager. It might be he's stalking one of the other females. It's weird that he gave his name even if it's fake. I think you told about something happening outside the station a while back that was alarming to you. I urge you to use the buddy system when going to work and leaving the place.

    1. We have a gated parking lot that uses a keypad to open the gate. Normally I end up walking down there by myself though 'cause I have to wait on the next producer to get here before I can leave.

  2. Wow! That was creepy. And it's weird AND really scary that he used Chris as a name. That's your fiancee's name, right?

    1. It is, but it definitely wasn't him or any other Chris I know.