Family History

by - February 24, 2012

History was always one of my favorite subjects in school. To this day I like learning about the past (I'm pretty convinced I was born in the wrong time period), especially when it pertains to my family history.

I think it's important to know where you come from. I mean, you never know when something your ancestors did will affect your life - maybe not in a physical way but in a genetic way.

I grew up in southwest Georgia, but my family hasn't always lived there. There's actually a pretty interesting story behind how we ended up where we are, one that involves gypsies.

My grandfather on my mother's side of the family was born and raised in Somerset, Kentucky. His daddy was the sheriff of Pulaski County.

When my granddaddy was in his late teens-early 20s, he and one of his brothers got into some trouble - what kind, I don't know. No one has ever told me. What's important is that it was a big enough deal to get my uncle locked up for a very long time and have my granddaddy outlawed from the county.

That's when he headed South with a band of gypsies and ended up in my hometown.

Once there, he started working as a truck driver for the local mule barn. It was while making a delivery that he saw my grandmother for the first time.

He said she was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen, but everyone told him not to waste his time. In turn, she didn't give him the time of day ... until one day.

My granddaddy was driving the mule truck when she crossed the street in front of him. Instead of stopping for her, he hit the gas and stopped mere inches from hitting her.

That's when she spoke to him for the first time, although what she said wasn't very ladylike. But he just grinned.

When she asked what he thought was so damn funny, he just smiled some more and said, "I got you to talk to me."

The rest is history.

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Don't be surprised I deleted this comment. Calling one of my family members psychotic? Not cool. And if you can't tell by the deleted comment, I don't appreciate it.

      In fact, most of the comments you leave on my posts are negative. I would understand if they were directed at my writing style or just not agreeing with my opinions, but that's not the case.

      So from now on, Trixie, if you don't have something constructive to say don't leave a comment on my page. It will get deleted.

    2. This is your blog and you can censor as you like. Obviously you think it's "cute" to attempt to kill someone as a courting technique. Being someone who has certification for domestic violence training, I stand by my original comment.

    3. Attempt to kill? What the hell? Where do you get off even making a comment like that.

      First of all, you don't know me or my family. My grandparents had an amazing marriage. My grandfather did not try to kill my grandmother, nor did they have an abusive relationship.

      Seriously, with the way you always interpret my posts in a negative light I'm beginning to think you need therapy.

      No, I do no think trying to kill someone as a courting technique is 'cute'. You misinterpreted the entire story, as per your usual.

      In case you're not aware of the etiquette commonly accepted in the world, it is not acceptable to make comments like these about people you do not know and will never meet.

      I'll thank you not to stop by anymore as you've royally pissed me off.

  2. You and your grandparents have awesome love stories. Damnnn, I wish I could have that kind of love story too but... Haha!

    1. I think it must be a small-town thing, haha. But seriously, it was a different time then. People had more morals and stronger ethics than what people have now.

      All I hope is that my upcoming marriage is as great as theirs have been.

  3. I get it...he was trying to do something to get her attention...duh.

    1. Thank you for reading this as it was meant to be read :)

  4. Ok, Trixie, or whoever you have made the wrong comment about the wrong family. Now, I know my cousin can hold her own, however, you have pissed me off as well. And I am not someone who takes lightly to having MY family talked about. Obviously you know absolutely nothing about the south, and you know NOTHING about OUR family. My grandfather was far from psychotic. He was a honest and hardworking man who loved his family. The proof of this is in the five children he and my grandmother raised. Ashton and myself come from this stock. So, next time you feel the need to comment on our family, just do yourself a favor and DON'T.

    1. "He was a honest and hardworking man who loved his family. The proof of this is in the five children he and my grandmother raised. Ashton and myself come from this stock."

      I love this.

  5. Virginia ~the motherFebruary 27, 2012 at 6:45 PM

    I always say you must consider the source of where your information is coming. This poor unfortuate soul is a woman of ill repute and therefore tainted in her opinions and mind set. Don't take to heart her comments because she is more abused than the word itself.

    And this my dear is what I have to say to you and your take on my family.

    First of all you will never understand how Lee felt the first time he saw Bernice. She was in her heels and pearls. He was in his boots and cowboy hat. He did his best "Howdy" and tipped his hat. She acted the pure southern lady and turned the other way. All the old men told him not to waste his time she wasn't going to look at him much less talk to him. But he told them he'd find a way. The bets were placed and the whole town waited and watched to see how Lee would win over Bernice. The men thought he was crazy and the women wished he would look at them like he looked at Bernice.

    Lee got the attention of Bernice with a truck load of braying mules. Bernice took Lee's heart with her sharp tongue and sweet smile.

    This my dear is what you call a love story. I am very sorry that you can not grasp the sweetness of it. I must confess it saddens me that you put a nasty taste upon it. But given the nature of the world in which you live I suppose you know nothing else. The only abuse is coming from you and your comments and you do not have the good manners to know it.

  6. I was just browsing the blogs...what a lovely story. Please don't let anything add a sad note.