Growing Up is Hard to Do

by - February 20, 2012

You've gotta grow up sometime.

Chances are you've heard that statement - maybe about yourself, maybe about someone else or maybe it was even you saying it.

You've gotta grow up sometime.

Sadly, that's just not true. At least, not for everyone.

We all know someone who hasn't grown up, or maybe we're just unable to admit to ourselves that we haven't grown up. Either way, there are people in this world who don't ever fully embrace the world of adulthood and sometimes they don't make that transition at all.

Inevitably it's those people who never seem to settle down when it comes to relationships, and why are we surprised by this?

Yes those people are fun and exciting, but when it comes to responsibility there's a certain disregard. As we get older, our responsibilities increase. It's inescapable, and although we can ignore those responsibilities, they don't go away.

When you're in a relationship, both people have to be responsible. It can't be one-sided. For one thing, it's not fair to the person having to handle all of the adult responsibilities. For another, it adds unneeded stress to that relationship and eventually resentment.

Those fun, irresponsible guys are fun for awhile, but trust me when I tell you it doesn't last. Either those guys grow into men or they don't change at all, and when it comes down to it a man is much more desirable than just some guy.

Besides, just because you're a responsible adult doesn't mean you no longer have time for fun. It just means you know what your priorities are.

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  1. I read this last night, Ashton, but declined to comment because I saw myself. I am the poster boy for arrested development. I never grew up and I probably never will because I don't wanna. Throughout my life I had no problem attracting women but I was not and am not good relationship material for those seeking a traditional man. Women who tried to change me and get me to settle down and become a domesticated family man were in for a rude awakening and a bitter disappointment. I never had children. I love my freedom. Inside I'm sixteen going on fifteen and that's the name of that tune.

    1. I don't think not growing up is a bad thing, as long as you're able to admit it to yourself and live with any consequences of your decision. Besides, you don't strike me as the type of person who doesn't pay their bills or who spends all their money on booze.

  2. yep, you are right. i'll take a man over a boy any day!

    and adulthood isn't all bad. there are many, many perks, and i wouldn't want to revert to childhood at all. onward and upward! :)