Clearing the Air

by - February 27, 2012

In light of recent events surrounding one of my posts, I feel this entry is necessary.

My family is not perfect, nor would I ever say that we are. Like every other family in the world, we have our problems. Some are major. Others are trivial. We've dealt with drugs, death, divorce and even feuds, but I feel as if I should clear some things up when it comes to a story I recently posted.

I am well aware of what domestic abuse is. I am also aware of dangerous dating techniques. I don't support either, regardless of it involves one of my family members, one of my friends or a complete stranger.

I will say this one more time concerning that post: my grandparents were not engaged in an abusive relationship, nor did my grandfather use attempted murder as a way of getting my grandmother to be with him, nor would she have responded to that sort of tactic in the first place. For a complete stranger to interpret that story in such a negative fashion is a serious blow to me personally.

Either I really sucked at delivering that story in a positive, upbeat way, or that person just grossly misinterpreted it and then ran with her assumptions and even posted a blog of her own using parts of my story to describe an unhealthy relationship.

As a journalist I am a firm believer in the First Amendment. Free speech is a vital part of my every day life. However, before I open my mouth or put my fingers on my computer keyboard, I verify my facts. I would never offer up an assumption with such far-reaching implications as the one I've been handed recently without some hard facts, especially if I had never met the family in question.

I believe I am an ethical person. I strive to tell the truth as I know it and to be tolerant of other peoples' opinions. I deal with people in my daily job who test the limits of ethics and my patience. Their ignorance and self-importance is often something to be reckoned with, but for the most part I always keep a level head ... but of course they're not making untrue statements about my family.

So I'm done with this situation. Obviously you will believe what you want to believe at the end of the day. All I can hope is that my writing skills improve to a level of such clarity that when I tell a happy, romantic story about one of my relatives it will be perceived as such.

Happy Monday.

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  1. You did tell a happy romantic story. It is one that is very special to me and to the few people left alive that remember Lee and Bernice.

    Never doubt your writing ability or your ethics. Definitely not because of some sad soul who is unhappy with their lot in life.

  2. ay yi yi! i did not read the original story, but i will take your word for what you wrote! it sucks when people take your words the wrong way, AND/OR make a blot post out of A HUGE MISINTERPRETATION! CRIPES! one could consider it a failure of the writer's fault, or of THE READER! blargh!

    1. This particular woman has a history of turning all of my upbeat posts into something negative. I'm not really sure why she chose to follow me as our opinions seem to always differ and for the most part I find her morals questionable at best.

  3. I had to read your original story after this. I think the same facts could be interpreted differently, but I think there was no evidence that gave another interpretation any grounds considering the tone of your post.

    It's hard to have a public blog sometimes! As a reader, I really try to watch out for when I simply disagree with someone's opinion or if I toe the line in saying anything that can be interpreted as an insult.

    I think all we can do is try to be the bigger person. I hope I wasn't too self-righteous here.

    1. I don't think you were self-righteous at all. This woman and I have a rocky past and her comments have gone from simply disagreeing to being downright negative about nearly anything she reads on my page.

      For her to be so adamant about my grandparents having an abusive relationship when she doesn't have any idea who they were is bewildering. Her comment was distasteful and then for her to write a blog using parts of my story to demonstrate an abusive relationship was just too much.

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