15 Gifts Under $10 for Preschool Girls

by - November 28, 2018

Every year our daycare has a Christmas party, complete with a secret Santa gift exchange where each child brings a gift and receives a gift. Everything must cost $10 or less. Most of the time the girls bring girl gifts and the boys bring boy gifts (some of the gifts are gender neutral). Alexis is at the age now where she's particular about the gifts she receives, as I imagine are most other 3-and-a-half year olds. So I rounded up 15-under-$10 gifts for preschool girls to consider if you've got a preschool/daycare gift exchange coming up or if you need some ideas for stocking stuffers. And bonus! Many of the gifts included come in great options for little boys.

1. LOL Surprise! Ball - $9.99
Every time we go to Target, Alexis picks up one of these. We haven't actually walked out with one yet, but I've got a sneaky suspicion Santa Claus will be leaving one in her stocking. They come in lots of different styles and there are even pets! The singles are under $10 and can also be gotten at Walmart.

2. Pop Teenies Surprise Poppers - $4.99
I was turned onto these by Janssen over at Everyday Reading. Very similar to the LOL Surprise! Ball, Pop Teenies have a small doll inside, along with confetti. In addition to making good stocking stuffers, they're also great for gift exchanges!

3. Unlined Notepad
If your preschooler is like mine, they love to write. Alexis has filled every notebook I have with scribbles. She especially likes ones with unlined paper like these chubby notebooks you can get at Target. We recently gave the unicorn one as a gift, and I'm seriously considering getting one for Alexis's stocking.

4. Coloring Book
Is there such a thing as too many coloring books? I don't think so, and this Dream Doodle Draw! one is definitely worth adding to your collection. I love that it has traditional coloring pages as well as places for doodling and prompts to stir your child's imagination.

5. Scented Pens
For my little diva in training, plain old pens just won't do. These ones from Target are only $5 and have a bold tip.

6. Scratch Art Rainbow Notes - $7.99
With these colorful note papers, you won't have to worry about your little one straying off the page and writing on your furniture.

7. Reusable Sticker Book - $4.99
Alexis is very much into stickers...until they lose their stickiness. That's why I've added these super fun reusable sticker books to her list. They come with lots of backgrounds, and my favorite part - the stickers will only stick to them. It's a win-win!

8. Lacing & Tracing Animals - $7.99
I love toys that encourage quiet play and encourage learning. These lace and trace pets are perfect for car rides, restaurants, even church! They come in lots of other fun shapes including dinosaurs.

9. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie - $7.99
It's a pet you can design any way you want, then wash off and start over! Not only are these on my list for Alexis, but they might be what we take for her class Christmas party. It also comes in a cat.

10. Hatchimals Collegtibles - $9.99
As much as I don't like these, there's no denying they're a crowd pleaser. Alexis has at least a dozen (no more please!) that she plays with frequently.

11. Bath Bomb
If given the choice between a bath bomb and bubbles, Alexis will choose a bath bomb every time. In keeping with the season, I plan on picking up a Santa Bomb from Target for her stocking.

12. Bath Set
Just like my mom always put a toothbrush in our stockings growing up, I almost always put some kind of bath stuff in Alexis's. She's recently gotten into Peppa Pig, so this set from Walmart is a good bet.

13. Jewelry
You really can't go wrong with new jewelry. I especially love the DIY necklace in the graphic above. It's 5 necklaces in one! This unicorn necklace and charm bracelet are super cute options. Alexis has been wanting a watch so we might order this one.

14. Socks
Who says a practical gift has to be boring? Keep your little princess's toes warm and cozy with some princess socks.

15. Sunglasses
My child has inherited my sunglasses addiction, and it just so happens the pair she had in my car were broken recently. Perfect opportunity for a stocking stuffer!

Don't see anything on this list you like? Let me know what you'd add in the comments!

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