25 Books on My TBR List Right Now

by - April 27, 2021

Nothing gets me excited about reading quite like putting together a TBR list. Although, to be fair, I still add books faster than I can read them. It's been a couple months since I did a TBR post for you guys, and I've got a lot of new additions to share. These genres span the gamut from fantasy to romance to mystery to historical fiction and even gothic. Some are by authors I'm very familiar with, but a lot are by authors I've never read.

In no particular order, here are 25 books on my TBR list right now. All are available to download via your Kindle, although the copies I have of each is not necessarily via Kindle. Some are physical books and five are through my library's digital borrowing app, Overdrive. To keep things simple, I'm linking to the Amazon versions.

A Trial of Sorcerers - When she finds herself in the spotlight after fighting to become of one four champions in the Tournament of Five Kingdoms, Eira Landan's past, both known and unknown, comes back to haunt her. She knew the trials would be difficult, but Eira wasn't ready for what they would cost her.

The Intended Series - El has a secret: she can see things before they happen. When she goes to college, she starts to learn the secrets of her parents' deaths, and it turns out her secret ability isn't such a secret. Then there's Gavin, who has more secrets than El thought possible, and whose world becomes hers. Enter a masked protector and demon pursuers, and El must embrace her true self.

Juniper Unraveling - Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a wall separates the humans from the infected and the Ragers. Dani's story begins with a mute boy from the other side of the wall known only as Six. This is their love story.

Lost Heir - This is a stand-alone follow-up novel to a series I've already read. After the war, Queen Everly of Calais is killed and sent to the deep sea of souls. In the year that she's been gone, a new queen has risen in the sea, while back on land her best friend struggles to hold the seven islands together.

Once Upon a River - A girl comes back to life in an ancient inn on the river Thames prompting questions of miracles and magic and science. The child is mute and can't tell anyone who she is, where she came from, or who she belongs to. Three families want to claim her: a wealthy young mother who knows the girl is her kidnapped daughter who's been missing for two years; a farming family that just discovered their son's secret liaison and wants to welcome their granddaughter; and the parson's housekeeper who sees her younger sister in the child. Each family has mysteries of their own and secrets must be revealed before the girl's identity can be known.

City of Girls - After being kicked out of college, Vivian's parents send her to live with her aunt in Manhattan. Her aunt owns the Lily Playhouse. There, Vivian is introduced to a world of unconventional and charismatic characters. When a personal mistake leads to professional scandal, Vivian's world is turned upside down in ways it will take her years to fully understand.

Fables & Other Lies - Penelope never believed in curses. Not until she sat in The Devil's Chair and made a wish that came true. Not until she met River, heir to a fortune of curses, and her fated sworn enemy. She should have kept her distance, but when River called her name she walked toward him and attended a gala at his allegedly haunted home. The moment she steps foot inside the home, she knows she's in trouble, but there's something about River that's impossible to turn away. 

In Bed with the Earl - The lost heir to the Earl of Maxwell, Malcolm North, has been living his life in the sewers of London. When reporter, Verity Lovelace, makes him front-page news, the matchmakers come calling. To keep them at bay, Malcolm convinces Verity to pretend to be his wife in repentance for upending his life. When pretend turns into reality, the danger begins.

Jewels of the Sun - Looking to reevaluate her life, Jude flees America for Ireland, where she meets Aidan Gallagher, who has an uncommon understanding of the country's myths. He begins to share the legends of the land with her, while they create a passionate history of their own.

Sea of Ruin - Bennett Sharp is on the run from the unfaithful libertine Priest Farrell, who will stop at nothing to claim her. When she's captured by pirate hunter, Lord Ashley Cutler, Bennett must escape his prison and Priest's deceit. When the two captains collide in a battle to protect her, the lines blur between enemies and lovers. 

Plain Bad Heroines - In 1902, two students of the Brookhants School for Girls are found dead in an apple orchard from a swarm of yellow jackets, a copy of Mary MacLane's book between them. The school closes not long after, but not before three more people die mysteriously on the property. A century later, the former school is back in the news when a book about its history is published. The best-selling book is being turned into a film. As the author and the movie's two co-stars arrive on the property to start filming, past and present become grimly entangled.

The Atlantis Papyrus - King Alexander the Great has died without an heir, leaving his generals to fight for the throne. But Deon has other worries - a vicious lender will sell his family into slavery if he doesn't settle his debt. Desperate, Deon accepts a mission from the royal secretary: decode a secret with the power to bequeath the owner with the keys to the throne.

The Bird and the Sword - When her mother is killed, Lark is cursed not to speak again, and her father is cursed to die if she does. Lark's mother also predicted that the king would sell his soul and lose his son to the sky. Her father has a claim to the throne and is waiting for her mother's prophesy to come true. He wants desperately to be king, while Lark just wants to be free.

Shadow Fall - Maia is a prisoner destined to die when an asteroid crashes into her world, but then she's offered the chance to compete in the Shadow Trials for a spot on the space station. But the opportunity comes with a steep price: she must partner with a psychopath, enter the court that condemned her to death, survive the trials created by her own mother, and kill the emperor - the very man who's hunting her.

Tangled in Time - Regan inherited the ability to see ghosts from her Irish ancestors. In an attempt to rid herself of these powers, she travels to Ireland to harness ancient magic. Instead she finds Faelan, a stranger who insists he's a centuries-old Celtic warrior. Faelan was cursed by a fae princess, and the only way to break the curse is to fall so deeply in love that he would sacrifice his life.

How to Buy a Planet - The year is 2024. The world's leaders are drowning in debt in the wake of the pandemic. Facing ruin, they've made the only logical choice - they've sold the planet. Toby and his roommates are getting ready to celebrate with the rest of the world when a chance encounter with a mysterious professor reveals the truth: the Earth is about to be destroyed.

Take What You Can Carry - Aspiring photojournalist, Olivia Murray, travels to Iraq for a wedding with her boyfriend, Delan. When the trip home proves less safe than Delan believed, Olivia is confronted with a reality she hadn't expected and awakened to the dangers of a town patrolled by Iraqi military, under curfew and constant threat. But even in this war-torn world, there are pieces of happiness. Everything will be tested when Olivia captures a tragic moment on film that upends all their lives.

The Elephant Keeper's Daughter - Phera is the daughter of the Ceylon king's elephant keeper, a position reserved only for males. To ensure the line of succession, Phera is raised as a boy. As she bonds with her elephant companion, Phera grows into a confident, independent woman torn between her family's expectations and desire to live her own life. When British colonists invade, she's allowed to live her true identity. When she is drawn into an unexpected romance with a kindly British physician, Phera faces a choice: love or hatred? Forgiveness or retribution.

The Lord of Stariel - The Lord of Stariel is dead. His daughter, Hetta, knows she won't be the next ruler. Returning home for the funeral, all she has to do is make it through the Choosing, then leave. But Stariel's next ruler will have bigger problems than family drama. For the first time in centuries, the fae are returning to the Mortal Realm, and only the Lord of Stariel can keep the estate safe. In theory.

The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress - They say behind every great man, there's a woman. In the case of Judge Crater, there are three: his wife Stella, his mistress Ritzi, and the maid Maria. Judge Crater is indebted to the leaders at Tammany Hall as well as a notorious gangster. One night, as rumors circulate about Crater's involvement in wide-scale political corruption, he disappears. Or does he? Slowly, the women in his life break out of their prescribed roles, making it clear there's more to the story
The Paris Dressmaker - Based on true accounts of how Parisiennes resisted the Nazi occupation of World War II, this is the story of two women who risked everything to fight an evil they couldn't abide. Dressmaker Lila de Laurent finds herself out of the world of high fashion and in with La Reistance, where she uses her skills to infiltrate the Nazi elite. She takes their measurements and designs masterpieces, all while collecting secrets. Years later, Sandrine Paquet is tasked with cataloging artwork stolen from Jewish families, but behind closed doors she secretly looks for information on the underground resistance, hoping to learn the fate of her missing husband. Sandrine is drawn in deeper when she discovers a gown with a cryptic message that may reveal the fate of a dressmaker who vanished from the fashion elite.

Wild Women and the Blues - In 1925, Honoree Dalcour is determined to dance her way to the top, starting with Chicago's Dreamland Cafe jazz club, where she rubs elbows with celebrities like Louis Armstrong and filmmaker Oscar Micheaux. In 2015, Honoree is the only living link to Micheaux, and film student Sawyer Hayes is determined to use her for his thesis, but the links she makes aren't ones he's expecting.

The Vine Witch - Elena loses her vineyard when she's blindsided by a curse. After she breaks the spell, Elena struggles to return to her former life. The new owner of her vineyard, Jean-Paul, favors science over superstition, but Elena knows the vineyard is covered in hexes. To help the vines recover, she must hide her true identity and her plans for revenge against whoever cursed her.

Worth It - Two friends set out to avenge their best friend, Lydia, after her boyfriend cheats on her. They crash the ex's wedding, but nothing else goes to plan, including two sexy distractions who don't like to hear the word no.

Treasured Find - Jasmine Wyn is a human among shifters who follows one rule: never trust a shifter. But when a stalker sets his sights on her family, she's forced to put her trust in Rafe, a royal feline shifter who wasn't prepared to find his true mate in her. But now that he's found her, nothing will take Jasmine away from him.

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