Mellow Cosmetics Review

by - April 13, 2021

I was introduced to Mellow Cosmetics several years ago when I got one of their creamy matte lipsticks in nude in my ipsy bag. To this day, it remains my go-to nude lipstick. So when Mellow reached out to me to collaborate, my answer was a resounding yes.

Mellow Cosmetics has been around since 2014. Their products are vegan, cruelty free, and don't contain parabens. They carry a range of products for lips, eyes and eyebrows, and cheeks.

For full transparency, I was given 30% off my purchase in exchange for a post about my experience.

I ordered three products: blush/bronzer, an eyeliner marker, and a liquid lip paint. From start to finish, the process was easy, and my order shipped quickly.

Now let's get to the good stuff.

As a redhead, blush is tricky for me. It's really difficult to find something that looks natural. Mellow's Powder Blush in Bronze is perfect. It's not overdone at all. It gives my cheeks just the right amount of definition, blends into my foundation smoothly, and lasts all day.

They also offer three other shades of blush. You can see them here.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I cannot apply liquid eyeliner. Like at all. And pencil/crayon liners are pretty much always more trouble than they're worth. Breaking at the worst possible moment, and who wants to keep up with a sharpener? That's where Mellow's Liquid Precision Pen Eyeliner comes in. It's basically a marker but is smudgeable, which is a must for me because I can't draw a straight line. 10/10 definitely recommend.

I'm one of those people that puts lipstick on once and then never reapplies it, so once it wears off, it's gone. But Mellow's Liquid Lip Paint stays put, even through putting on and taking off a mask. It's not too shiny or too matte either. This is the London, and it is absolutely gorgeous. It comes in 18 shades total.

Here you can see all three products on my face. Note: I applied the lipstick heavier than I typically wear it so you can really see the color.

In conclusion, if you're looking for new lipstick, an easy-to-apply eyeliner, or a natural-looking blush/bronzer, give Mellow Cosmetics a try! The prices are reasonable, the website is easy to use, and the customer service is awesome.

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