Monday Motivation

by - April 19, 2021

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend. We didn't do much. Alexis spent the weekend with her grandparents, Chris did some work on his hunting land, and I mostly took it easy. Of course, there were a few things around the house that needed doing, like laundry and unfortunately the bathrooms. I'm doing better keeping things mostly tidy during the week. It's easier now that Alexis is old enough to actually help.

So last week started with magazine distribution. Then Alexis had her yearly check-up plus a consultation for a second case of lice (we got a really expensive prescription shampoo that hopefully took care of it for real this time because I am very much over it).

I got my first COVID shot on Wednesday. The hospital near our house has been doing a drive-through clinic, so I didn't even have to get out of my car. I got the Pfizer one, and other than my arm being a little sore and a dull neck/headache I've been fine. I get my second dose May 5th.

Thursday night, my temporary crown came loose, and of course my dentist is closed on Fridays. I looked up what to do and found that you can use Vaseline to reapply during the day, but unfortunately one of the corners broke off. I go in for my permanent one on Wednesday, though, so I guess I'll just tough it out until then.

This week, I'll be finishing up all the editorial stuff for the May issue of the magazine, as well as wrapping up ad sales. I think I'll probably get a jump start on June's guide just so it'll be done. Probably go ahead and start uploading stuff to the website, too. So, you know, the usual end-of-the-month routine.

I hope everyone has a productive week!

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