Work-At-Home Outfit Ideas for Spring

by - April 25, 2021

I spent nearly a decade working in a television newsroom. Generally speaking, the on-air talent had a stricter dress code to follow than those of us working behind-the-scenes, but as the executive producer I often found myself representing the station in some way so I also followed certain expectations with my dress code. I rarely wore jeans, nearly always wore heels of some kind, and the only t-shirts I ever wore had the station logo on them.

Now that I work from home, I can dress however I like. The only slacks I have in my closet these days are really basic - black, navy blue, red, and white. The only "professional" dresses I still own are sleeveless sheath dresses that can also be worn to special occasions like a face-to-face meeting, wedding, or funeral. And my sneaker collection is starting to catch up to my heel collection.

Going from working in an office to working at home has drastically transformed my wardrobe. Not that I disliked how I dressed when I worked in TV, but these days I feel more like myself, a little more secure in my skin.

So here's a look at eight days of my personal work-at-home style.

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and unless otherwise noted wear size medium or 6/8 in tops and dresses, size 6 in bottoms, and size 7 in shoes.

Sweatshirt: Walmart / Joggers: Fabletics / Socks: Academy

To be fair, this is not my typical work-at-home ensemble. My yoga session this day had been pushed back to mid-morning instead of early morning, and Chris was working the overnight shift, so when I got home, he was already asleep. So I swapped out my tank for this cozy sweatshirt and called it a day.

I typically wear a medium in all bottoms from Fabletics, but these joggers felt like they run bigger. They were really loose in the waist, and while I have slimmed down a bit since starting my yoga journey I don't know that I would have liked the small. I have washed and dried them since but haven't worn them so I can't speak to if they shrank any.

I've recently become a big fan of compression socks. I have near-constant issues with my left ankle and foot from a cheerleading injury back in high school, and these socks provide a nice bit of support.

Shirt: Old Navy / Jeans: Old Navy / Belt: Amazon / Shoes: Converse

This was a typical day in the office for me. I don't remember going anywhere other than to drop off Alexis off at school.

Generally speaking, I stay away from cropped tops. After all my surgeries last year, I'm not too keen on my belly being on display. I couldn't say no to this one, though. I mean, look at it. It's like a psychadelic little ray of happiness. Plus, it's not one of those ridiculously cropped styles that stops just below the boobs. In fact, if my jeans had been high-waisted instead of mid-rise, you probably wouldn't even be able to tell the shirt wasn't full-length.

Shirt: Old Navy / Jeans: Old Navy / Belt: Amazon / Shoes: Amazon

In all honesty, I didn't wear this on a work day, but I totally would. This outfit got me through a bit of housework, a trip to Target, and dinner out.

This t-shirt is nice and thick, so even though I got rained on several times, it never became see-through. It's also a bit of a boxier fit than others I own, and the hems are split at the sides. I feel like I probably could have gone down to the small but I'm not unhappy with the more oversized fit.

Have I talked about these slides before? I am really enjoying them. The footbed has more cushion than any of my other slides. The leather strap is really soft and doesn't rub at all.

Dress: Old Navy / Shirt (old): similar / Shoes: Converse

Dresses are my ultimate go-to for pretty much everything. You guys are already familiar with this tie-dye tank dress from my post last week showing it with different denim styles. As a reminder, this is the petite medium so it's a few inches shorter than what the regular sizing would be.

The chambray shirt I have tied around my waist is really old - so old that the store doesn't exist anymore - so I'm linking to a good inexpensive option. Also, apparently these pink Converse were a seasonal thing so the sizing is really limited, but I feel like this color is always in demand so hopefully they'll restock.

Shirt: Target / Jeans: Old Navy / Belt: Amazon / Shoes: Amazon

I rarely tuck my shirts in fully, but it just felt right for this one. The slim fit coupled with the belt and mid-rise cut of my jeans made for a flattering end result.

I picked up this shirt during the Target run I told you about earlier in this post. It's a nice not-see-through breathable material. The sleeves are cuffed. It stayed tucked in effortlessly, which was surprising. The buttons didn't pull or gap, which was a very nice surprise.

green-checked-skirt-white-tee-denim-jacket Shirt: Amazon / Skirt: Target / Jacket: Old Navy / Shoes: ShoeDazzle

This skirt was also part of my Target haul. Isn't it wonderful? I'm really into green right now, and this skirt is so much fun. It is fully lined and has an elastic waistband. It is ankle length on me, but remember that I'm barely 5'2".

This is one of those effortless outfit combinations you should pin for future reference. This combo works every time - a colorful skirt paired with a white t-shirt and jean jacket. Shoes are pretty versatile here, but I decided to go a little trendy with my clear wedges.

Shirt: Target / Jeans: Old Navy / Belt: Amazon / Shoes (old): similar

This was actually a pretty busy out-of-office day for me. I had a dentist appointment and a meeting with Alexis's speech teacher, and of course I had work to get done as well.

This shirt is another Target pick. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about the sleeves. I knew they were "puff sleeves" when I grabbed it off the rack, but I wasn't really prepared for just how big they would be. Overall, I really like the shirt - it's such a pretty sage green with little white embroidered details and cloth-covered buttons. But I felt like I was pulling the sleeves down all day long.

Other than that, this is like the epitome of my style. A pretty blouse with interesting details, flattering jeans, and chunky heels.

Shirt: Old Navy / Jeans: Old Navy / Belt: Amazon / Shoes: Converse

Friday was a ridiculously busy day for me. Usually Fridays are pretty laid back, but I had quite the to-do list to get through, plus some things from earlier in the week that I hadn't finished.

In case you haven't figured it out from the rest of this post, this is basically my go-to work-at-home outfit these days: graphic tee + comfy jeans + sneakers/slides.

My t-shirt is of the vintage video game system, Atari, but because this is a unisex tee the proportions are a little different than my usual graphic tees. It's probably three inches longer and cut straighter rather than slim. I might could have sized down to the small, but I'm not sure how much narrower it would have run in the hips and shoulders, so just take that into account if you order one of the unisex tees from Old Navy.

My belt is the black version of the brown one seen in several other outfits in this post. It's inexpensive but decent quality and comes in several color/metal combos.

As always, I hope these outfits help you plan your own OOTD's. Have a great week!

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