Monday Motivation + Mother's Day Recap

by - May 10, 2021

Good morning, friends! We're starting the week out on a stormy note, but I'm okay with that after such a beautiful weekend.

Did everyone have a nice Mother's Day? On the actual day, we didn't do anything at all. Alexis and I stayed in comfy clothes and watched movies. But on Saturday, we went to the lake with my parents. The water was still cool instead of bathtub warm like it gets in the summer, and there was plenty of sunshine. We ate at one of our favorite local places and just had a laid-back day. Alexis is most definitely a water baby so she was in heaven, and I just enjoyed sitting in the sun for awhile (with plenty of sunscreen, of course!). Here are a few pictures from the day - ignore the slight haze, pretty sure there was a sheen of sunscreen on the lens.

This week is just going to be a typical work week. Distribution last week went really quickly thanks to a coincidental scheduling bonus that may never happen again, but it definitely saved me a ton of time!

I got my second COVID shot so I'm fully vaccinated. Thankfully I didn't have any bad side effects, just a sore arm and a little extra tiredness for a couple days.

Unfortunately, the saga with my tooth continue this week. The dentist assures me this is not how these things normally go, but I've got at least two more trips before hopefully we'll finally have one that fits properly without disrupting my bite.

Otherwise, the only other things I have on my schedule are two yoga sessions and a sponsored post for Wednesday.

Okay, I've been puttering around at this long enough. Time to get to work!

I hope you all have a great week, and remember, don't let what other people think define your actions!

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