Real Outfit Roundup: 7 Outfits from Late May

by - May 27, 2021

I'm pretty sure everybody has heard the famous literary quote, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Well, that pretty much sums up the last two weeks for me. It's been one of those seasons where anything that could go wrong, went wrong in the most spectacular way possible.

That's not what this post is about though. I just wanted to throw it out there so you would see the reasoning behind the scaled back posts here and on my social media. In fact, this post was not what I had planned for today, but it was the easiest one for me to throw together this morning.

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and wear size 6 or medium in most clothing and size 7 in shoes.

Dress / Shoes

I love this dress so much. This picture is from almost two weeks ago, on a day when I had some errands to run around town and ... well, let's be honest. I didn't really need an excuse to wear it. I also wore it yesterday for Alexis's kindergarten graduation.

I love the top of this dress. It's so romantic and gives me all the Jane Austen vibes. It's so flattering and if you see me buy the blue version, don't be surprised. This dress is so dang perfect.

My wedges are from last year and I honestly can't find anything like them.

Dress / Vest (similar) / Shoes (similar)

This is one of my favorite style of dresses that Old Navy has: the swing dress. This one is very on trend with its tiered skirt, but honestly it will never go out of style in my closet. The material is not stretchy at all and the straps are adjustable. I wore this a couple Saturdays ago. Chris and I went to a few stores and then to lunch. It was warm enough to wear the dress on its own, but I added the vest to keep my shoulders from burning.


I most definitely broke my own personal shopping rule when I bought these tie-dye linen shorts. I had absolutely no idea how I would wear them when I added them to my cart, but I just love them so much. This is from a couple weekends ago, as well. We didn't do much that I remember. I think my in-laws came over for pizza that night, although it's very possible I've got the day wrong on that.


This was two Mondays ago. According to my planner, it was a normal work day, and I don't remember going anywhere other than school. This is another one of those cropped band tees, although it's not exaggeratedly short. With this pair of high-waisted jeans, it doesn't feel cropped at all, honestly.


This isn't the best picture of this dress, but I've shared it so many times I didn't feel like it mattered. It's one of my most-worn Amazon dresses ever.

Shirt (similar) / Skirt (similar)

This shirt and skirt are both veteran members of my wardrobe, but how cute did this outfit turn out? I wore this last Friday because I needed a mood booster.

Shirt  / Shorts (similar) / Shoes

And last but not least, I wore this on Monday, and no, I haven't taken any other outfit pictures this week. I truthfully don't remember what I've worn this week other than for Alexis's graduation yesterday, which we've already talked about. Anyway, this shirt is from last year, proving that my love affair with statement sleeves pre-dates this year's puff-sleeve trend. The trick to making this trend last? Keep the puff sleeve as understated as possible. Also, I'm not finding anything remotely similar to link to.

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