Monday Motivation

by - May 24, 2021

Happy Monday, friends. This week's motivation post is going to be short and not so sweet.

See, the truth is, the last two months have been a serious struggle, and it's started to catch up with me. We've been in and out of doctor and dentist appointments, dealing with a seemingly never-ending situation with school, the stove is still dead meaning meal planning is still a huge stressor, and my windshield has a lovely chip in it from a passing semi throwing a rock on me.

Finding the good has been a lot tougher these days, especially since it feels like everything is going wrong all at once, but there is still good out there. It's in the new book series I've fallen in love with, in the success I'm finding here on the blog, and in the fresh flowers on my dining room table, just to name a few.

This week is going to be a busy one, with Alexis's kindergarten graduation, another dentist appointment, and a hair appointment for Alexis. We've still got a couple of weeks of school left after graduation (so weird, right?), and I can't describe how much I'm looking forward to not having to set my alarm for so dang early for awhile.

My to-do list for today is super long, so I'm going to sign off here, but not before I share this: every day isn't a good day, but there is good in every day. You just have to look for it.

Have a great week!

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