Monday Motivation

by - May 03, 2021

This is going to be a short-and-sweet post today, friends, as I'm trying to get as much accomplished as I can cram into today's schedule in anticipation of what's coming later this week.

Last week was pretty laid back, even though Alexis was unexpectedly at home for three days due to an outdated school policy that will hopefully be changed come next school year. I have been climbing the ladder all the way up to the superintendent to see that it's addressed and have been pleasantly surprised by the response I've gotten. The next step is for me to keep following up to see that they follow through with their promises.

This week will hopefully see my crown finally work out so I can put that whole ordeal behind me. I've also got my second COVID vaccine set for Wednesday morning, so I'm prepared to lose a few days of productivity due to that. The May magazines should be here sometime this week so distribution will be on the schedule at some point. I've also got to get Alexis in to see the dentist because her bottom front teeth are coming in behind her baby teeth.

So, this week is looking much busier than last week. And with that said, I'd better get to it!

I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful week!

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