All I Want for Christmas 2021

by - November 18, 2021


I remember as a kid how exciting it was when the Sears holiday catalogue came in the mail. Us kids would go through it for each grandparent and mark what we wanted for Christmas.

As adults, we don't really get to do that. Instead, we text the people we'll be exchanging gifts with ideas and links to the things we'd like to receive.

But for me there's something special about sitting down and making an actual wish list. I have several on Amazon that I use to save ideas all year long not only for myself but for anyone I might ever buy a gift for. You can also create gift lists to share with your friends and families. Such an easy way to keep up with who wants what and who's buying what, especially if you've got kids.

Anyway, I wanted to share my Christmas list for 2021 with you guys in the hopes it'll give you ideas for yourself or someone else on your list.

As always, friends and family please check with me to make sure I haven't given certain ideas to other people!


1. Chelsea Boots - I've been holding off on getting a pair of these, but lately I've been finding myself wishing I had a more casual pair of ankle boots. I think I would wear the black more but honestly wouldn't say no to having both.

2. Black Slip-On Converse - I absolutely love my navy blue slip-on Chucks, but sadly they just don't go with everything. But black does!

3. The Book Seat - I really want this. I get so tired of holding up my book and/or tablet while reading on the couch or in bed.

4. Floor Pillows - This one may seem a little silly, but Alexis spends more time in the floor than she does on the furniture, so a couple of these (in either of the gray tones) would be perfect additions to our living room.

5. Storage Cabinet for my office - I legitimately have stacks of magazines that need to be archived but nowhere to actually store them. I like this floor cabinet that's more bookshelf in appearance and also this three-drawer cabinet.

6. Nesting Tables - I love these and would get a ton of use out of them!

7. Pretty Serving Bowls - In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm still updating all of my dishes, and these serving bowls match my new dishes.

8. Reading Art - I love quirky artwork that represents my interests, especially when it comes to decorating my home office. This line art print of a woman reading would be a nice addition.

9. Vintage Scissors - These scissors are beautiful and functional...and I really need a pair for my office so I can stop stealing the ones from the kitchen.

10. Cicada Wing Earrings - I can't explain why I like these, but I just think they're so pretty.

11. Some Things I Still Can't Tell You - I've had my eye on this book of poetry by one of my favorite actors, Misha Collins, ever since he announced it was coming. The samples I've read are beautiful.


12. Bathtub Tray - Someone please buy me this this year. I've asked for several years in a row. It will get sooooo much use. Just ask my husband how often I take a bubble bath!

13. Yoga Socks - This is probably TMI, but my feet sweat and that can cause a slippery yoga session. These would definitely help.

14. Loungewear - I want the blue set. Size medium.

15. Slippers - My favorite slipper boots are still in pretty decent shape, but they're a little too much for the warmer months.

16. Zodiac Star Sign Socks - Socks are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive, and I especially love these ones from Uncommon Goods.

17. Weekender Bag - My overnight bag's strap broke in a way that I can't repair, so I could really use a new one. I like the pattern I'm showing in this graphic but also the solid gray.

18. Mug for Tea/Coffee - I love these personalized reading mugs.

19. Pan Organizer - Getting a pan out of the cabinet is truly the bane of my existence. This would make it not suck quite as much.

20. Magnetic Measuring Spoons - I cannot keep all my measuring spoons in one place to save my life, and I almost never find the one I actually need.

21. Under Desk Foot Rest - If no one buys me one of these, I really might buy it for myself.

What's on your Christmas wish list this year?

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