Monday Motivation

by - November 29, 2021


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with good food and company, and that those of you who did Black Friday had successful shopping.

Our Thanksgiving was a mixed bag. We started the day with my parents, which was great. The food was good, and we enjoyed spending time with family. Then, on our way home, something triggered Alexis's asthma and she had a really bad attack. So bad that we almost ended up at the emergency room. She was already taking a steroid for a cough that had developed earlier in the week, so this basically re-inflamed everything and made it worse.

We managed to get her calmed down enough to eat dinner with my in-laws, including Chris's brother and his family. So more good food and visiting, even if I did spend pretty much the entire time riddled with worry.

My birthday was Friday, but it definitely was nothing like we'd planned. We started our day at the pediatrician's office. Then we went to Lowe's, where it took us 15 minutes to get through the parking lot! Alexis wanted to get me some plants for my birthday, so that's what we did...and hopefully I will not kill them like I do pretty much every other plant I ever get.

We put up our Christmas tree on Saturday while watching the Iron Bowl. Well, I didn't really watch it, but it was on in the background.

Then on Sunday we surprised my mom for her 60th birthday. My dad took her camping for the weekend down at the beach, so my brothers and I decorated the house and got her a cake. Somehow she had no idea it was happening, which is crazy. It was a successful little party.

Today, we're sending the December magazine to press. Holiday months, especially when the holiday is at the end of the month, are always weird with deadlines. I have absolutely not done anything with the website that needs to be done for December, so that'll be my focus today and tomorrow. Then I'll be jumping right into January's content because the holidays will have us scrambling at the end of the month again.

I've also not planned a single piece of content for the blog for December, so I've gotta get on that this week, too.

I hope you all have a great week!

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