Real Outfit Roundup: Sweater Weather

by - December 01, 2021


Fall and kind-of winter have finally arrived in my neck of the woods! That means I've gotten to break out my warm-ish clothes, aka sweatshirts and sweaters. We truly have had a properly cool November, and it's been nice to actually be able to dress for the season instead of faking it.

Unsurprisingly, I don't have a ton of new sweaters. They get worn so rarely that they last forever. So I'm always careful not to buy anything too trendy so that it doesn't become outdated before I've gotten enough use for the price.

Regardless, I hope this collection of outfits helps to inspire some ideas for how you can remix what's already in your closet, and as always I'll link to the same or similar pieces.

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and weigh about 150 lbs. I wear size S or 6 in clothing and size 7 in shoes.

Raincoat / Shirt (similar) / Jeans / Shoes

There's not much to say about this outfit. This was right on the end of Alexis and me having that awful stomach virus. We ran out to run an errand, and it was raining. End of story.

Shirt (similar) / Jeans / Shoes (similar)

This was the first day I made an effort with my outfit, trying to find some semblance of normal in a week that was anything but.

Sweater (similar, similar) / Leggings / Socks / Boots (similar)

This was the day after we went to the National Peanut Festival. I wanted to be comfortable and lounge around, so leggings and an oversized sweater were perfect. I added my combat boots to run up to the store.

Sweatshirt (similar, similar) / Jeans / ShoesPurse (similar)

I don't really remember what all I did this day. The only thing on my calendar is yoga and my work to-do list. I must have snapped this picture on my way out the door for school pick-up.

Shirt (similar, similar)  / Jeans / Shoes

Have you tried the washed-black jeans trend yet? I've had these for over a year so for once I was ahead of the trend. I got these as an alternative to gray jeans, which I don't really like. Or, at least, I haven't found a pair that don't remind me of work pants. I like that they don't feel quite as polished or dressed up as black jeans, so they make this outfit feel more casual.

Jacket / Shirt / Skirt / Boots (similar)

I had several errands to run this day, and it felt so nice outside. I wanted to transition this skirt into cooler weather, so I grabbed my denim jacket and taupe ankle booties for the perfect combination.

Shirt (similar, similar) / Jeans / Shoes (similar) / Purse (similar)

This was one of those days where it was cool but not cold, and if you stayed in the sun for too long you'd get hot quick. That's why I have so many of these light-weight long and three-quarter-sleeve blouses. They're perfect for our weird fall and winter weather. Also, if you haven't jumped on the straight-leg jean trend yet, I highly recommend the boyfriend straight cut from Old Navy. They're my absolute favorite.

Sweater (similarsimilar) / Leggings (similar) / Boots (similar)

Another bulky sweater and leggings combo. You seriously can't go wrong with this combo, especially when you pick a thicker pair like these moto-style ones I've had forever.

Jacket (similar) / Shirt (similar) / Leggings (similar) / Boots (similar)

This is actually from the same day. I got hot doing something, don't remember what, so I swapped out my sweater for this Atari t-shirt. Then we decided to go grab a bite to eat, and I really don't need much excuse to wear my pink leather jacket.

Tunic / Leggings / Boots (similar)

I wore this the day my mom and I had our annual birthday girls day. We shopped, had an awesome lunch, and shopped some more. These leggings are new. They were recommended on a list I read somewhere so I decided to give them a try. They are super soft and surprisingly thick enough not to show my panty-line, which means they weren't see-through either. They held their shape all day, too, which is a plus. They were too long on me, like most leggings are, but they might shrink after washing. I'll let you know!

Shirt (similar) / Leggings / Boots (similar)

This is so far outside my typical OOTD, it's almost laughable. But I really do love these leggings. My mom got them for me for my birthday. I truly intended them to be just for yoga, but I've obviously changed my mind. I wore this to my aunt's Thanksgiving get together. You can't tell from the picture, but my t-shirt has a twisted hem to give it some structure. And my chunky boots give the outfit purpose.


I really love this sweater. I'm not sure how I didn't have a green sweater already, but that has been remedied. This one is slightly oversized but not quite a tunic length. It's also on the thicker side, but it is amazingly soft.

Sweatshirt / Skirt (similar, similar) / Boots (similar)

I was so proud of this outfit...then my dad told me I looked like I should be on Little House on the Prairie and my husband said I looked like a librarian. So now I don't know how I feel about it.

Sweater (similar, similar) / Jeans

This was on my birthday, which did not turn out the way we'd planned. I really only shared this because I've worn this sweater on my birthday for several years in a row, unintentionally. It's one of my favorites obviously, LOL.

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