Monday Motivation

by - December 13, 2021

Happy Monday, friends! We are really in the home stretch for Christmas now. Have you finished all your shopping? In news that shocks absolutely no one, I'm not. We did get a decent amount done over the weekend, and we've got ideas for the people we still have left on our list. So there is that.

Unfortunately, we did not get to do our annual trip to Gardens Aglow. The weather just did not cooperate. But we do plan on taking Alexis to see lights somewhere else in our area to make up for it between now and Christmas.

Chris and I did make it to Victorian Christmas, which is something that I've been wanting to go to for several years and it just never worked out. We had hot chocolate and cookies and hot apple cider while listening to traditional music. It wasn't something Alexis would have enjoyed so we dropped her off with grandparents for a day of tree decorating and craft making.

Speaking of Alexis, every day this week is a theme day at school...and I was not prepared. So we spent the last few days running around trying to to find stuff so that she can participate with her classmates. I'll try to remember to take photos to share on my social, but no promises!

I'll be in get-the-magazine-finished mode. I want to have as much under my belt as possible by the end of the week so that the week leading up to Christmas isn't crazy hectic. Thankfully I can do a lot of pre-scheduling so that I'm not swamped all week long.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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