4 Fun Outfit Ideas for New Year's Eve

by - December 21, 2021


I learned something recently about my husband. New Year's Eve is his favorite holiday. Growing up, we always had something to do on NYE, usually involving a party of sorts at a cousin's house. It was never anything super exciting, at least for a kid and certainly not something designed for dressing up.

The first New Year's Eve party I went to as a teenager wasn't anything to write home about either. It was about a dozen teenagers around a fire with a bucket full of bottle rockets. So, again, nothing to get dressed up for.

I did dress up for a few NYE parties in college, and I'm sure I went to at least one once I entered the world of working adulthood, though I can't actually remember it.

The last NYE celebration I went to was my last year working at the TV station. The city was hosting its first-ever downtown countdown, complete with a glowing peanut that they lowered at midnight. Naturally, we did a live show. And, naturally, it was rainy and cold. I had every intention of dressing the part, since I was field producing it and basically in the thick of it all, but ended up bundled up instead.

Now, full disclosure, we don't have any plans on attending any fancy NYE parties this year, and that particular downtown event isn't happening. But I couldn't resist the excuse to add something sparkly to my closet. So without further ado, I present to you four fun outfits for your New Year's Eve celebrations.

Sizing: I'm 5'2" and weigh around 150 lbs. I typically wear size small or 6 in clothes and size 7 in shoes.

Bodysuit / Skirt / Shoes (similar)

You really can't go wrong with a floaty skirt, especially if it's got a little sparkly detail. This tulle one makes me feel a bit like a ballerina, and I adore the starry print. With a skirt like this, you really don't want the rest of your outfit to compete, so I recommend a plain, solid-colored top. I went with this long sleeve, mock-neck bodysuit. I've been avoiding these for years, and now that I've tried this one, I'm kicking myself for holding out for so long. I'm wearing a medium in both the skirt and bodysuit.

Bodysuit / Skirt / Shoes (similar)

Metallics feel a little bit more elegant than sequins, don't they? This skirt is technically light blue. I know, it looks silver in the picture. The waistband is black and silver. I decided to keep things simple and classy with the black bodysuit and black heels. I don't know if offices have New Year's Eve parties, but this would totes be appropriate. Wearing this skirt in a medium as well.


I've been seeing a ton of sequin joggers on Instagram, and I really wanted to give them a try, but I just could not make myself pay upwards of $40 for a pair! Then I stumbled across these sequin leggings for about half the price and said, what the heck. They are surprisingly good quality and not super scratchy. They do run small so I recommend sizing up.

This off-the-shoulder sweatshirt dresses the leggings down a bit, while keeping the outfit fun. The quality on this is okay. It isn't your typical sweatshirt material, isn't lined at all, and will not stand up to super cold temps. Wearing both the leggings and sweatshirt in a medium.

Dress / Shoes (similar)

We're going to end with my husband's favorite - the sequin dress. This is perfect for a New Year's Eve spent out on the town. Beware, it is really short! I'm wearing size medium and had to let the straps out all the way to get it to cover my butt. As with the leggings, I was surprised by the quality. It's not super thick, but there's enough between the sequins and skin for it not to be scratchy. I may not be hitting the clubs anytime soon, but I will be finding ways to wear this because it's just too much fun!

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