Five Swimsuit Coverups Under $30

by - May 17, 2022

Would you believe that I've never owned a proper swimsuit coverup? It's true! I've always thrown on a sundress or shorts and a t-shirt and called it a day. But this year I wanted to change things up a little bit, so I decided to try a few from Amazon.

Before we get into it, I've got some thoughts on coverups in general.

One, why are they all so short? Seriously, most of them are the length of an oversized t-shirt, meaning they'll just barely cover my butt. I understand you're at the pool, river/lake, or beach, but I don't know. They almost feel like a too-short dress. To me, at least.

Two, why are they all see-through? Isn't the point of a cover-up to actually cover you up? Kinda defeats the purpose if you can see everything underneath it if you ask me...

Three, do people really pay $50+ on these things?!

Anyway, some sizing notes for you. I'm 5'2" and weigh about 145 lbs. I wear size 6/small in most clothes. I decided to use the black floral one-piece swimsuit that was so popular from my swimsuit try-on back in March to show these cover-ups. It doesn't work well with all of the cover-ups because of the criss-crossed straps, but I didn't feel like changing between each one. I'm in the size 8-10.

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We're going to start with the one I was the most excited about, the Jeasona crochet cover-up. This is the off-white color, although in person it's just regular white. I got the size medium, which is 31 inches long. It's kind of a funky hem, with drawstring sides that I'm not sure the purpose of. Anyway, the pattern is pretty, but you should know that the material is polyester, not actual crochet.

Overall, I like this one, but it's shorter than I'd be comfortable wearing on its own, especially because the side slits are really high.

This Ekouaer tunic/dress cover-up might be my favorite. It comes in a bunch of colors and patterns, but I felt like the black would go with most of my swimsuits. It's got pretty crochet-work around the neck and elbows, and the back is mostly open. The hem has a small ruffle and the sleeves have a little flare. There are tassels on the back tie closure as well as along the back neck.

I like the length of this one. It fits like a dress, although it's pretty thin so I'd definitely not wear it as such. It's a rayon-acryllic mix. I got the medium.

This Loritta oversized cover-up dress is my least favorite of the bunch, but it's undoubtedly the easiest one to wear. This one is a one size fits all option and comes in six color options. It's 100 percent polyester. The bust is 67 inches and it's 33.5 inches long. As you can see, it's mostly see-through. I really like the lace trim, and on me at least it's a good length. What I don't like is that it's shaped like a pillow case.

Kimonos are popular swimsuit cover-ups, but I've never used one for such despite owning several over the years. I really like this one by MayBuy. It's nothing fancy at all, but it almost feels like a fancy swimsuit robe. It comes in a bunch of patterns and there are different styles to choose from in terms of sleeves and length. This is the very first option on the list, and I got it in a small.

I am in love with this Bsubeach kaftan. It's the most comfortable thing ever and would fit in nearly anywhere. I don't even care that it's like wearing a sack. Admittedly, it doesn't really work well with this particular swimsuit because of the straps, but I love the embroidery detail and how soft the material is. There are 40 different styles to choose from, but they are all one size. This one is cut straight, but there are several that have drawstring waists and are more flowy.

Note: The straw tote I'm holding in several of these pictures is from Walmart but is completely sold out online. I haven't seen it in stores, but you can always check yours. Also, my flip flops are really really old. I'm pretty sure I got them at Academy Sports, though.

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