Monday Motivation

by - May 23, 2022

Happy Monday, y'all. I am a bit preoccupied this morning. I spent literally the entire weekend packing up my house, and there's still more to do today and tomorrow...around working and Alexis's Honors Day/last day of school. I didn't exactly forget how stressful moving is, but it seems like this go 'round has been even more so.

The timing for this move is not great for me work-wise. It would be different if I didn't work at home, but this is the last week for the June issue so I can't afford to not work. This is shaping up to be my worst month of the year, and I'm freaking out about it. I get it though. Everything costs more right now, so people are having to cut where they can.

You probably already guessed this next bit, but I'll be mostly MIA this week as we swap houses. I'm trying to get two posts pre-scheduled, but no promises I'll actually have time to finish them.

That's gonna do it for me today, and possibly all week. I hope everyone has a great one!

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