10 Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer

by - May 25, 2022

School is officially out for the summer for us, and I can't tell you how excited I am to not have to set my alarm clock for the crack of dawn every day. But as for the rest of it, well, I'm a working mom whose office is at home, so summer isn't the easiest of times for me. However, this will be my fifth summer doing this, so I've got a little experience in this department.

If the thought of keeping everyone entertained this summer is stressing you out, check out these simple ideas to add some fun to your family's summer.

Find Some Water
The best part about summer for our family is the opportunity to spend as much of it as we can in the water, whether that's at the beach, the lake, or our local water park.

Create Your Own Back Yard Oasis
Whether you're setting up a sprinkler, floating in your own pool, or chilling with a splash pad, adding a little water fun to your day can make all the difference.

Visit a Park or Playground
Choose a different location each week.

Summer Reading Program
We do this every year, and it is always so much fun. In addition to earning prizes for the number of books you read, our library also hosts a variety of programs throughout the summer.

Get Active
Take your kids to a trampoline park, skating rink, bowling alley, or miniature golf course to work off some of that summer energy.

Get Outside 
Did you know, spending just 30 minutes outside can significantly change your mood? So turn your lunch into a picnic, go for a bike ride through your neighborhood, check out a local hiking trail, or pick some flowers. Let the fresh air and sunshine work its magic.

Take an Art Class
Alexis loves art, so this summer we've signed her up for just about every class and camp we could fit in, but there are also opportunities out there for the whole family.

Art at Home
This can be as simple as coloring books or as elaborate as a multi-step project your find on Pinterest. The point is to let your imagination run free!

Movie Night
Make a date of it at your local theater, check out an area drive-in if there's one available, or turn your living room into a home theater.

Farmers Market/U-Pick Farm
Is there anything better than fresh produce? Take your kids to a farmers market or u-pick farm and let them choose some brightly-colored fruits and veggies for your table.

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