What I Read November 2022

by - December 07, 2022

Despite how much there was going on in November, I got a lot of reading done. In addition to the books you'll see on this list, I reread one of my favorite series, Curse of the Gods by Jaymin Eve. I am including on this list a couple of books that I don't recommend. Just because they're not my cuppa, they might be yours.

I'm also still working my way through both The Night Tiger and The Dictionary of Lost Words. I know I've been reading on them for awhile now, but they're both very serious books, and although both are extremely interesting, I've not been in the right mood to tackle them.

Author: Maggie M. Lily

This trilogy is a continuation of the Trellis family's story from the Building the Circle series I read in October.

In the world of the empowered, Luke is Lord Peace, a pillar of the strongest circle in the world, but to those with beast affinities, he's the Peacekeeper, a role Luke decidedly does not want to fill. However, he is forced into the job when his just-broke-up-with-him ex-girlfriend is kidnapped along with her brother, who is a long-time friend of Luke's sister-in-law, Matty. As reluctant as he is to fulfill the duties of this position, Luke's peace radar is guiding his hand in righting the imbalances of the beast world, starting with their insane leader.

You do need to read Building the Circle before reading this trio, but I promise it's worth it. I love this family so much. They have great banter and are good examples of what family is supposed to be, even when you don't get along.

Author: Melanie Harlow

This was a fun little palate cleanser that I would liken to some of my favorite rom-coms by Nicole Snow. Felicity has just moved back home with her parents to start a vegan catering business, and her first booking is none other than her high school reunion. Normally Felicity would steer clear, but she really needs the exposure. While at the reunion, she predictably has a run-in with the classic mean girl who didn't outgrow her high school tendencies, during which Felicity blurts out that she is engaged to the elusive Hutton French, their fellow classmate turned self-made billionaire. Somehow, Felicity convinces Hutton, who happens to have been her best friend for years, into following through with the lie, even planning an actual wedding, but just like you'd expect, somewhere along the way the pretending turns real.

Author: J. Bree

This is the final book in The Bonds that Tie series that I've been reading. In this final installment, the gods living inside Oli and the guys have fully awoken and are ready to take on all that threatens them from being together. This is the first time ever that all five have been awake at the same time, so they're certain that this is the cycle they'll finally succeed in eliminating those that seek to keep them apart.

Author: A. L. Lidell

A.L. Lidell is one of my favorite fantasy writers, although the other books I've read by her are published under the name Alex Lidell. Anyway, this book caught my eye because the main female character is a journalist.

Skylar has taken a job at a tabloid pretending to be a newspaper, but she's desperate to restore her reputation after her ex-fiance ruined her career. However, her new boss doesn't pay very well, and Skylar needs a second job to make ends meet. Lucky for her, Trident Rescue is looking for a dispatcher. Unlucky for her, it's run by Cullen, the man with which Skylar had a run-in thanks to her boss assigning her to cover what she thought was a legitimate story. Despite starting off on the wrong foot, Cullen hires Skylar but not without suspicions that she's there for nefarious reasons.

Author: Katie May

I was really disappointed in this book. It was recommended in a book group, but I just could not get behind the main female character. She is the daughter of Dracula, but quite frankly she sucks at being a vampire. So her father enrolls her in an academy to teach her how to 'monster' better. Sounds promising, except this chick is an idiot, and not in a cute way. Also, the 'bad guy' in this story wasn't very believable to me.

Author: Cara Clare

Nova grew up believing she was human. Then one night she magically burns down her apartment with her abusive boyfriend inside it. Turns out, Nova is the Phoenix from a long sought-after prophecy. This one had so much potential, but the relationships moved too quickly for my taste. I'm not really into insta-love. I read books one and two completely but lost interest completely about a third of the way into book three.


The Sneaky Lass & Feathers at Sea (The Silver Locket series)
Author: Kennedy Sutton

I've been looking for a good pirate story for awhile, and I finally found it! Jane has had a terrible, hard life, so when she sees an opportunity to pose as a boy and sneak aboard a pirate ship destined for hands, she takes it. That ship, The Sneaky Lass, is captained by Bennett, a man who Jane quickly develops feelings for but can't act upon those feelings because of the huge secret between them. When her secret is eventually found out, because something like that always is in the end, it threatens not only Jane's future but Bennet's and the entire crew's as well.

This is just the first two books of this series, and I see that there are at least two more. I can't wait to continue this story that so far seems to be pretty historically accurate. It's got a bit of a Pirates of the Caribbean vibe to it.

Pints & Potions, Whiskey & Witches, and Beer & Broomsticks (The Unlucky Charms books 1-3)
Author: T.M. Cromer 

I couldn't resist the cover of the first book of this trilogy, and I'm so glad I didn't ignore the urge. This is the story of the O'Malley family and their journey to reclaiming the ancient magic that was stolen from their ancestors hundreds of years ago. The secret to undoing what was, of course, is for the five siblings to find their partners and fulfill the lines of a prophecy. Book one is about Cian and Piper (a witch from a previous, already-complete series about another family of witches, the Thornes, that I plan on reading ASAP). Book two is about Carrick and Roisin and their fight to get back to each other while protecting their son, who has a direct line of communication to a goddess. Book three is about the eldest sibling, Bridget, and her estranged love from their earlier years, Ruairi, who also happens to be a blacksheep member of the family who stole the O'Malley family's magic in the first place.

These books were great little chunks, and I loved the strong female characters who will stop at nothing to protect those they love. There are two siblings left to find their loves so that means two more books, with one dropping mid-December. I can't wait to continue this story!

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