Monday Motivation

by - December 12, 2022


Happy Monday, friends. Whew, last week was a doozy. I missed four out of five days of work because of a mystery illness. I tested negative for literally everything but ran a fever for more than five days, coughed until I choked, lost my voice, and generally felt like crap. So I am extremely grateful to be back to feeling well and able to return to work today.

Obviously my end-of-the-nine-weeks plans have changed drastically for this week. We're covering the important things and doing a mid-year assessment, then watching one of the movie versions of A Christmas Carol.

Outside of that, I hope to get some Christmas shopping done this week. I'll also be going to the school band's Christmas concert. I don't really have any other plans other than to survive this last week before Christmas break.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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