All I Want for Christmas: My 2022 Holiday Wish List

by - December 10, 2022

I'm always interested to see what other people want for themselves, whether I'm shopping for them or not. They never fail to give me ideas, for myself or other people. I started sharing my own Christmas wish list on the blog two years ago. It was a great way for me to share ideas and really focus on the things I truly want and/or need, and those lists have been well-received by you guys. So I'm back again this year with All I Want for Christmas.

This year there have been quite a few big changes in my life, from moving to changing jobs, and that's definitely reflected in the items you'll find on this year's wish list. The biggest difference, I think, is that there really are no clothing wishes. Almost everything on this year's list is practical and things that I would definitely use.

As always, family and friends please check with me before buying something to make sure I have not given specific gift requests to another person. Thanks!

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1. Storage Cupboards - This is a big ticket item, but it does top my wish list this year. I need two of these cabinets to put in my office. Since moving, I don't have as much space to store my shoes, so I've been rotating them out of those big tubs. These cupboards will give me a way to keep my shoes organized that looks nice and intentional.

2. Storage Ottoman/Bench - One thing I hate is a cluttered coffee table, but our current coffee table is impossible to keep uncluttered, especially with Alexis wanting to keep so much stuff in the living room. One of these bad boys would take care of the problem, while still looking nice for the space.

3. Decorative Suitcases - I've had my eye on these for quite awhile. I've got the perfect space to put these in our new living room. Not only are these a cool decorative piece, but they also work for storing small things.

4. Area Rug - I really would like an area rug to go under our dining room table to help break up that big open space. I'm torn between this more neutral-colored rug or this brighter, patterned rug. Either would work color-wise.

5. Lint Bin - This seems like such a silly thing, but I really want this for my laundry room. I hope it will help keep lint from getting stacked on top of the dryer or ending up in the floor.

6. Wall Art - I am such a big fan of fun art prints to intersperse with family photos on my walls. My home office has kind of turned into a gallery room with so many different things hung on the walls, and I love it so much. I like these classic art ones for my office, but I would also like to add some new pieces to our main living area. These vintage farmhouse ones would be the perfect addition.

7. Backseat Car Organizer - I don't know how many times I have to put this on my wish list before someone buys it for me. Alexis has completely taken over my backseat, to the point that no one else can ride back there with her. This would go a long way in keeping her stuff on her side of the car.

8. Overnight Bag - I bought a really nice leather weekender bag a few years ago, but the metal clasps for the shoulder strap was cheaply made, so it broke, and I couldn't fix it. I still have the bag and use it, but I really miss the shoulder strap, and I wish it was a little bit bigger overall. I really like this leopard-print overnight bag. It is a good size, and it comes with two smaller matching travel bags, as well. The other prints are just as cute, too.

9. Bluetooth Speaker/Radio - I love listening to music while I'm doing pretty much anything, but the speakers on my phone aren't the greatest. I really like this retro-inspired bluetooth radio.

10. Wireless Keyboard - There are way too many cords on my desk at home, not to mention the situation going on with the surge protector, especially considering my desk is on the smaller side. I would love to be able to replace my current keyboard and mouse with a wireless set to reduce all that clutter. This pink set is adorable, and I love the vintage typewriter look.

11. Kindle Cover - Technically there's nothing wrong with the cover I currently have, but this one is just so cool! I love the Tolkien one the most, but there are a bunch to choose from.

12. Library T-shirt - Vintage-style tees are my jam, and I really love this "Going to the Library" one. I wear a medium in the women's style.

13. Watch - I've been using a cheap $5 wristwatch from Walmart since school started, but I would like something nicer. I really like this Invicta watch that comes with three different colored leather bands. I've also been looking at some wooden styles that are pretty cool.

14. White Converse - This is really the only basic color that I don't have in these, and I'd like to rectify that situation ASAP.

15. Single-Serve Coffee Maker - My current coffee maker is on its last leg. I like that this one does iced or hot coffee, which makes it so much more useful, especially in the summer.

16. Toaster Oven - I really like to eat toast in the mornings, but I don't love how long it takes my oven to warm up to make toast...or anything really. This small, 4-slice toaster oven would be ideal for the space that I have and be much more useful than my oven and old-fashioned toaster.

17. Multi-Purpose Vacuum - We've long needed a multi-purpose floor cleaner that can do hardwood and carpet. I'm stuck between this Bissel and a Shark, but I think I'd be happy with either one.

18. Steamer - We lost our steamer ten years ago and never replaced it. We do have an iron, but let's be honest. Nobody has time for that these days. A steamer would be an invaluable addition to our household.

What's on your holiday wish list this year? Tell me in the comments!

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