Behing the Scenes V

by - September 24, 2010

As you guys know, I've moved to a different shift, which means instead of one two-hour long show I work on two 30-minute shows. That means less time spent in the control room on my part so there's fewer opportunities for something funny/crazy/just-plain-wrong to happen.

But sometimes I get lucky.

Director: [scratching his arm] Man this thing itches!
Me: Did you get a new tattoo?
Director: Yeah.
Me: Don't scratch it! That just makes it worse.
Director: I'm just using the flat side of my fingernails.
Me: You need some of that special tattoo lotion.
Director: I've been using what they recommended.
Me: They didn't give you any?
Director: They didn't have any.
Me: Where'd you get it?
Director: The place by the gay bar.
Me: They should - you know what, I'm gonna leave that one alone.
Meanwhile, the graphics op is dying laughing.

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