Life of Me III

by - September 21, 2010

I love when Google teaches me something new!

If you've been with me for awhile, and even if you haven't, you're probably no stranger to my hate dislike of posting stories to our website. It's mainly because it's a big hassle, and in the past three or four weeks it's been more of a hassle than normal.

As a producer, I have to post all the stories not written by reporters to the website. Now, our new GM would prefer that I do this before my show goes on the air, which quite frankly baffles me. See, my line of thinking goes something like this: if our viewers have full access to everything they would see in the newscast before it airs why would they bother to sit down and contribute to our ratings?

Back to the topic at hand... since I post the stories I get from the national wires and our shared reporters [we have two], that means I have to take the time to reformat them for the website.

Before I got my new desk, I had the oldest computer in the newsroom. That means I was using a friendly version of Microsoft Word to reformat my stories for the web.

To reformat these stories, I have to change the case of the text. See, our scripts are in all caps because it's easier to read on the teleprompter. However, if I posted something to the website in all caps, IT WOULD SEEM LIKE I WAS YELLING AT YOU. Understand? I thought so.

On my old computer with the older version of Word, there was a lovely little function that would change the text case for me.

But when I moved to my new desk three weeks ago, I moved to a newer computer, one equipped with a newer version of Microsoft Word. [The version that I don't like, actually.] This version is completely different from the version I'm used to working on and for the past three weeks I was unable to find that lovely little change case function.

So I've been having to retype every. single. story that runs in my show before it can be posted to the web.

Until today. Today I got smart. Today I went to Google and searched Microsoft Word 2007 change case. And wouldn't you know it? The first result that popped up was exactly what I needed!

Learn something new every day, eh?

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  1. Hey! I saw you liked the imortals series! I love that series! I'm Tray by the way. I have a blog with my best friend and it's about our friendship. What's your blog about?

  2. Lol does anyone like 2007? I have 2010 on my home computer but my work computer has 2007 and it angers me!

    Google will rule the world. :P

  3. @M & T: I'm a television news producer. I write about my experiences through that, things I see, life in general.

    @Richard: 2007 is a pain. It's so confusing.

  4. Ha. You're so special sometimes. But I'm glad you don't have to retype all of those stories now. That seriously had to be a pain. I'm surprised you survived with fingers intact.

  5. Yes, well, you know me. I live to edit. My keyboard is just an extension of my fingers.