Proof That Yawning Is Contagious

by - September 02, 2010

Working overnight does some crazy things to your body, especially when it comes to your internal clock. I should know 'cause that's what I've been doing five nights a week since January. When I'm getting ready to end my day, most other people are just starting to wake up including the few people I actually work with. And that means lots of yawns and cat-like stretching in the control room.

Now it's easy to prove that yawning is contagious when you're in close quarters. I mean, we've all done it - seen someone sitting across the table or heard someone nearby yawn and shortly after found ourselves yawning. And it doesn't really matter if you're tired.

That's not how I'm going to prove to you that yawning truly is more contagious than an STD. No, I've got something much more... impressive.

One day last week, I forget which, I was driving home tired as usual. There was heavier traffic than there usually is that early in the morning so I was a little more attentive to my surroundings when I got stopped at a red light. For some reason I noticed the truck sitting opposite me in the turn lane.

Their turn light turned green so he turned in front of me. As he did, he yawned. A huge, face-splitting yawn.

And that's when I felt it. Somehow his yawn had transferred from his truck, across traffic and into my car.


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  1. Ha. That's funny. What's even funnier is how yawning is supposed to be some kind of pre-evolutionary response that didn't die out over the years.


    I'm probably getting that wrong. Oh well.

  2. I agree. Yawning is contagious. I can say that I am a chronic yawner (I think that's the term for that. Haha.), especially at work when the clock hits 3 a.m. My office mate hates me for that because if I start yawning, she definitely will follow. :)

  3. I yawned like a billion times while I was looking for pictures to use with this post, lol.