Want to Know a Secret?

by - September 03, 2010

I'm about to share my secret weapon in the fight against staying awake all night long for work.

Mountain Dew

Yep. That's right. It's not just a soft drink. It's my life-line when it comes to lasting until the sun comes up.

Why not energy drinks? 'Cause I'm sure that's what you're wondering. Well, I'll tell ya.

They taste gross.

Mountain Dew tastes yummy. All that caffeine and sugar combined?! It's like an adrenaline rush in a can! 

But seriously. Mountain Dew has been my life-saver for six months straight plus for three months last year. 

Tonight is [hopefully] the last night I'll have to rely on its kick-in-the-pants energy boost to make it through a day night at work.

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  1. I love Mountain Dew, they've just started selling it in the UK!

  2. @Emily: That's awesome! When I went to Costa Rica last summer all they had was Coke, so when I got back to the states I was in serioius withdrawals!

    @Richard: Energy drinks are worse.

  3. I'm a coffee person. My stomach makes weird noises when I drink soft drinks.

  4. I mainline Vault when I need to stay awake. It kicks like an energy drink, but tastes like a soda. Lol.

    OMG. My captcha is totally "enjoy". Life is so cool sometimes.+

  5. @Gnetch: I've never been able to drink coffee. Which is weird because my mom drinks it like it's water! haha

    @Christina: I had a bad experience with Vault once. That knocked me off the bandwagon.