Pony Bomb

by - September 08, 2010

Bomb threats are no joke, especially when it comes to schools [or are they?]. I can remember sitting outside in the hot summer sun when I was in eighth grade for the better part of a day after some idiot called in a bomb threat to the high school across the street. It took the bomb squad hours to search the school and determine that there really wasn't a bomb.

On Tuesday, an elementary school in Orange County, Fla., had a similar experience. But it wasn't because some sicko called it in. Instead, the bomb squad was called in for... a stuffed pony.

Watch this:

What an exciting last ride for that pony, right? He certainly went out with a bang!
[Ok, I'm done with the cliches.]

The best part? It was later determined the pony wasn't a threat.

We ran this story as our 10:00 kicker. At the end of it, the female anchor says, shaking her head, "Poor kid."

Meanwhile, little Johnny is crying his eyes out over the loss of his toy pony...

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  1. You should have seen it as our kicker. Hilarious. Especially the on-air talents' reactions. Priceless.

  2. I'm glad I found your blog, Ashton. We share many interests. When I was a news producer and we were running a particularly funny or unusual package kicker, I instructed the director to spontaneously punch up shots of the anchor/anchors as they watched the piece on the monitor to get their spontaneous, unrehearsed reax. It made for some great moments in broadcasting!