Behind the Scenes VI

by - October 08, 2010

**I'm a few days behind on posting this. Forgive me for the delay, but seeing as how I'm no longer a vampire and see daylight on a daily basis I actually have some semblance of a life these days.
At the end of each of my newscasts, we run what's called a kicker. It's a happy story that leaves the viewers with a positive outlook since more often than not our shows are chock-full of negativity.

On Wednesday, I used a story about Elmo from Sesame Street visiting an elementary school in Baltimore, MD, as part of a reading initiative. Long story short - that annoying little red puppet was teaching kids how to read. [doesn't that give you warm fuzzies?]

We had some extra time to kill, so the talents were talking about other Sesame Street characters like the Cookie Monster and how they're classics.

In the course of this ad-libbed conversation, Oscar the Grouch was brought up. It went a little something like this...

Female Anchor: What about Oscar the Grouch?
Female Anchor: Oh wait, he works weekends. 
Male Anchor: [As the show is ending.] You're gonna be in trouble with Oscar.

[FYI, our weekend weather dude is named Oscar]

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  1. Ha. Funny... poor Oscar.

    By the way, is it weird that I actually love Sesame Street characters? And am ashamed that they've made the Cookie Monster not so much of a cookie junkie?

  2. It always made me nervous, Ashton, when I didn't have the A team in place (anchors with the gift of gab) and there was too much time left for ad libbing at the end of the newscast. A single slip of the tongue in the closing seconds can ruin an otherwise perfect show and send you home kicking yourself for not making the weather guy stretch another 15. Careless words carry far greater consequences in this modern era of political correctness than they did decades ago. In the 70's and early 80's on air talent could get away with a lot more off color jokes, innuendo and prejudicial remarks than they can today.

    I am reminded of the old ABC Monday Night Football broadcasts hosted by Howard, Frank and Dandy Don. Between plays and coming out of commercial breaks the director often punched up tight shots of cheerleaders and attractive women in the stadium at which time Don would use his "color commentary" to react to them. These days closeups of pom poms and soccer moms are used sparingly and the announcers, if they want to keep their jobs, keep their libidinous comments to themselves.

  3. @Christina: it is a shame that they've changed him.

    @Shady: all the innuendos are saved for the newsroom, thankfully

  4. LMAO! But is Oscar the weekend weather dude grouchy???

  5. @Gnetch: I think that wins the 'understatement of the year'award! lol