Behing the Scenes VII

by - October 13, 2010

One of our reporters has started wearing one of those magnetic bracelets that's supposed to help with your balance. The conversation that sparked up in the newsroom following this discovery was extensive and included a copious amount of insults. I wish I'd had a way of recording it in its entirety so you could share in my amusement, but seeing as how that's not possible you're just going to have to settle for the most memorable moment.

Executive Producer: I have a bracelet, too, except mine is much prettier and I'm not gay.
Reporter: You want to know why I'm not gay? I like girls.
Me: That's a good cover.

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  1. When reporters or anchors deviate from the script and start ad libbing on the air they often reveal a lot about their personality and character. If the viewer could hear the kind of talk that goes on behind the scenes they would shudder because the newsroom often sounds more like a locker room. I worked at three different stations and found the same "gallows humor" and trash talk wherever I went. Some say it's a way for people in the news business to relieve the stress of having to deal with so much tragedy on a daily basis because, 90% of the time, "news" means "bad news."

  2. I love the people you work with. Lol. They are my kind of people.

  3. @Shady: I think you're right. As journalists we see so much bad news. It truly is stressful.

    @Gnetch: That conversation continued for another 20 minutes at least. It branched off into how those kinds of bracelets are supposed to work and how it sounds like "obi-wan kenobi" stuff.

    @Christina: Haha. You would enjoy them.