History in the Making

by - October 12, 2010

For the past 10 weeks, the world has watched as countries have come together for a common goal: freeing 33 miners from the underground chamber they've been trapped inside.

For 10 weeks, 33 men waited beneath the earth for complete strangers to rally together to reunite them with their families.

It's amazing the power adversity has. It can bring people of all different nationalities, faiths and skin color together, or it can render them farther asunder.

Luckily, the fabric that makes up the majority of the human population seems to have a thread of compassion woven throughout so that adversity seems to unite them against a common enemy.

In a world plagued by so much adversity, it's refreshing to see people doing something for others for a change.

We've been following the story of the trapped miners from day one. I remember breaking the story on the morning show. Tonight, we reported as the first miner was being loaded onto the shaft elevator.

Behind the scenes in the control room, we had the live feed pulled up and watched as he surfaced and the elevator was sent back down for the second miner.

I've seen some pretty awesome things as they were happening -the collapse of the World Trade Centers, a neighborhood in San Bruno, Cali., exploding into flames, and now this miracle. History in the making. Amazing.

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  1. If you stay in the news business long enough you will witness many historic events and observe the entire spectrum of human behavior - the good, the bad and the ugly.

    I remember standing in the newsroom on March 30, 1981 and being the first person to notice that NBC had suddenly preempted daytime programming with raw, uncut video of President Reagan getting shot. Being one of the first to know about an important breaking story is a heady and addictive experience.

    By the way, Ashton, I notice and appreciate the manner in which you illustrate your posts. To me your choices indicate that you are part of the solution.

  2. Thank you! As strange as this may sound, this blog is my link to print. For me, putting together each post is like laying out a magazine or newspaper page. I put a lot of thought into the pictures I choose and at what point in my story-telling process I use them.